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How to Get a Boyfriend: 9 Tips to Make a Man Fall in Love with You 

How to Get a Boyfriend: 9 Tips to Make a Man Fall in Love with You 

How to Get a Boyfriend: 9 Tips to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Have you been single for the past few years, and now you are ready to give love a chance in your life but find it difficult to get a boyfriend? In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to get a boyfriend and how to make a man fall in love with you. 

Getting a boyfriend is the easiest thing, but getting a man who will love you genuinely and is ready to keep you can be excruciating. Here are some tips on how to get a boyfriend and how to make a man fall in love with you. 


1. Online Dating Apps.

Getting a boyfriend to date is easier through online dating apps. Go to the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Palm Store and install the online dating app on your device. Complete the registration, and love will find you.

Remember, there are a lot of fake people online, so don’t fall in love too quickly with a stranger you just met. Take your time to study them well before falling deeply in love.

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2. Update Your Social Life on social media. 

To get a boyfriend, you should let the public know indirectly that you are single and there is a vacancy in your heart. This can be achieved by posting your beautiful, stunning photos on your social media page with captivating captions like “single but not searching,” “somebody’s son will find me one day.” By doing this, men will come for you knowing that you are single and that you need a boyfriend. 

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3. Take Care of Yourself. 

What attracts men the most is your appearance, so if you need a boyfriend, you need to work on your appearance. Dress decently, eat healthy food, and look good for yourself. If you have a man that you have been crushing on and you want him to be yours, this is how to get his attention by dressing decently to make him notice you. 


4. Pray for A Good Man.

It is not just about getting a boyfriend, but rather getting a man with good qualities who is ready to marry you. Thus, you have to be prayerful and take your spiritual life seriously. Pray to God to direct the right man to you—not just a boyfriend, but your dream man—who you will spend the rest of your life with.

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5. Online Matchmaking.

There are many legitimate matchmaking platforms to get a boyfriend to date, and you may be lucky that the relationship will lead to marriage. However, be careful because most guys into match-making stuff are pretenders. 

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They are not always who they parade themselves to be in the first place. Anyway, if you are eager to get a boyfriend, you may consider doing online matchmaking. Matchmaking is an online dating platform whereby a single man is linked up with another single lady for the purpose of dating, relationships, and marriage. 

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6. Compliment Guys.

Constantly complimenting a guy’s photos is an easy way to advertise the vacancy in your heart and to make him fall in love with you. Comment regularly on your crush’s photos using sweet words that will steal their attention, like “You look cute; I love you.” “Gorgeous,” compliment them, and look for ways to initiate conversation. This will send a signal that you like him, and he will shoot his shot by asking you out.

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7. Be Patient.

Finding a boyfriend who will love you with genuine intentions requires a lot of patience and time. Don’t just rush to give a man a chance in your life because you are lonely, single, or because all your friends and family are married and they’re pressuring you for marriage. Everything in this life is a matter of time, so you need to be patient while choosing the type of man to date. 

That you need a boyfriend doesn’t mean you should settle for less when you deserve better. Waiting is a sign of true love; it may not be today or tomorrow. Believe me, if you are patient enough, the right man will come, and you will be glad that you were patient enough to wait for him. 

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8. Tell People You Are Single.

If you need a boyfriend, you should let the public know about your relationship status, especially your family and friends. You may post on your timeline once in a while that “I’m single,” as this will attract men to come for you. 


9. Be Polite to Men.

Some of the reasons why a lady is still single at 30 may be due to her attitude and behavior toward her toasters. No man wants to settle down with a rude girl who lacks the manner of talking. If you want a boyfriend who will love you forever, be polite while relating with men. 

Make more friends with the opposite sex. This is one of the simple tricks to getting a boyfriend. Your beauty will attract them, but how you relate to them and handle their approach will determine whether or not they will stay in your life.



So, you like this guy so much, but you are shy and don’t know how to tell him and make him fall in love with you. Below are some useful tips to make him fall in love with you.

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1. Compliment Him.

As I said earlier, complimenting a man is a great way to steal his attention and make him fall in love with you, perhaps if you are both following each other on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You may use romantic words like “I like your photos; you look good; keep it up” or “Who is that handsome guy on your profile picture?” 


2. Do You Have a Girlfriend? 

If you like a man and you want him to fall in love with you, you need to be sure first if he’s single to avoid any disappointment in the future. By asking him if he has a girlfriend, this is a green flag to tell him that you are interested in dating him, and if he’s interested in you too, he won’t hesitate to ask you out.

However, if he says he’s in a relationship already, you should let go of the feelings so you won’t be a reason for breaking up with his girlfriend. 

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3. Communicate Regularly.

The power of love rests on the shoulders of communication. If you want to make a man fall for you, you need to look for ways to communicate regularly. You may start with greetings, then navigate further by asking deeper questions like where he is from, family background, education, career, etc.; all these are for you to keep him interested in you. 

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4.  Always Look Good.

The fastest way to make a man fall for you is to always look good, not just for him but for yourself. Take care of yourself and your beauty. Smell nice and post your pictures where he can notice them. You may send some of your pictures to him with the caption, “How do I look?” I’m very sure that doing all these things can make a man fall in love with you. He might ask you to date him thereafter. 


In conclusion, getting a boyfriend is easy through online dating apps. Post your relationship status online, let people know that you are single, be patient while looking for a good man to date, and don’t just rush so as to make sure you make the right choice. Also, work on your attitude and behavior to avoid chasing good men who seriously love you away. Good luck.

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