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9 Reasons Why Lovers in Relationships Must Invest in Spending Quality Time Together Before Getting Married 

9 Reasons Why Lovers in Relationships Must Invest in Spending Quality Time Together Before Getting Married 

9 Reasons Why Lovers in Relationships Must Invest in Spending Quality Time Together Before Getting Married 

Quality time together should be the foundation of every relationship before getting married. Quality time is like the foundation of a building. The foundation determines how long the building will last. 

Here are nine reasons why spending quality time together with your partner is a must before getting married to them.

1. It Fosters Trust and Understanding.

Do you know that spending quality time together with your spouse can strengthen trust and understanding in the relationship? Yes, the more time you spend together, the better your chances of understanding one another, and when there’s an understanding, trust will follow. If you have been in a relationship and are paying little attention to your partner, you might be building your relationship on a weak foundation.

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2. Proper Communication.

Spending quality time together with your partner will improve the communication skills in the relationship. Your partner will open up to you without you forcing them. They will be able to relate to you and express themselves freely. You know, sometimes we just need someone to talk to; thus, if you want your spouse to open up to you and communicate with you about anything, invest in spending quality time together. 

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3. It Prevents Cheating.

Spending quality time together can prevent someone from cheating on you. Your partner knows that you always create time for them and give them your attention; thus, it will be difficult for third parties to come in between you two. 

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Imagine spending time together regularly, going on vacation together, planning date nights, and once in a while having lunch and dinner. What an amazing way to make your spouse think about only you! It will be difficult for them to cheat on you because they know you are readily available and wouldn’t like to get caught. 

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4. Ability to Resolve Conflicts.

Every relationship has ups and downs, meaning there might come a time you and your spouse will be involved in a misunderstanding and fight, and this is the advantage of spending quality time together, as you can make use of that opportunity to resolve your conflicts. Couples who stay together forever are those who do not allow yesterday’s fights to affect today’s communication, and this can be very possible by spending quality time together.

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You can’t compare how couples who only meet once a year will resolve their conflicts with those that invest in spending quality time together. It will be easier for those who spend time together than for those who don’t.

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5. They Will Miss You.

If you want your spouse to always miss you, then you must definitely invest in spending quality time together. This way, your partner will miss you during your absence and will be eager to see you again. 

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6. It Increases Love.

The easiest trick to increase love in a relationship after effective communication is to spend time together. When you are with your partner, play together, have fun, engage in meaningful conversations, and do activities or hobbies that you have common interests in. 

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In fact, it will be challenging for them to dump you for another person if you actually invest in spending quality time together with your partner. If you have been looking for ways to increase the love in your relationship, you should create time for your partner.

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7. Less Secrets.

I’ve seen some married couples complaining about the secrets their partner hides from them while they were dating until they got married. This can be very possible for couples who rarely spend time together. So it will be so easy for them to fool you and keep secrets from you. Perhaps how will you know that they’re hiding something when you are not with them? 

By investing in spending quality time together, there will be less keeping of secrets in the relationship, and if they’re keeping secrets, you will notice the signs without anybody needing to tell you. 

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8. Their Attitude and Behavior.

Spending quality time together with your partner will expose you to whether they are actually worth the kind of person you can spend the rest of your life with. You get to know their attitude, character, and behavior. How are you going to know if that person is a good man or woman if you don’t spend time together? 

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9. Spending Time Together Spices Up Your Relationship.

The way you handle your relationship will determine how your marriage is going to be when you finally get married. If you want to be a romantic boyfriend and girlfriend, invest in spending quality time together with your spouse. This is one of the simple ways to keep your relationship out of boredom. When you create time for each other, you will learn how to keep their company and be there for one another.

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How To Spend Quality Time Together with Your Partner.

1. Create Time to Talk and Communicate.

You have your own time and other work to do, and this is why you need to create a separate time for your partner, maybe after working hours or during weekends. You should communicate regularly; at least choose a time that is convenient for both of you.

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2. Temporary Cohabitation.

Temporary cohabitation is good for couples who see themselves as husband and wife in the near future. Think about this: You are going to live with them for the rest of your life after marriage, right? So why not live with them temporarily and see how it goes? 

Temporary cohabitation is like spending a weekend at your boyfriend’s house or checking up on your girlfriend at her house.

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3. Give Them Your Attention.

Although you may be busy with work, business, or school, you must learn to strike a balance between other activities and your relationship if you want it to last forever. I understand you are always busy, but you need to know that calling your partner, sending messages, and chatting with them on a regular basis are also part of spending quality time together. Imagine that moment when they can’t escape a day without hearing your voice. 

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4. Plan Dates Together. 

You may plan dates together, like spending the holidays at their house, go on dates, go on vacation, or go on a picnic together. Anything that involves you two being together and happy.

In conclusion, it is crucial for partners in a relationship to invest in spending quality time together before getting married. This is for you to know who you are getting married to while ensuring that you make the right choice.

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