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How to Fight Jealousy in a Relationship: 11 Ways

How to Fight Jealousy in a Relationship: 11 Ways

How to Fight Jealousy in a Relationship: 11 Ways

Jealousy is a state of suspicious guarding towards a spouse, lover, etc., from fears of infidelity. When they begin to have a suspicious fear of losing you, this may be a sign of jealousy. Although jealousy is a symbol of true love and that someone cares about you, too much of it can destroy the relationship you have built for years.

If you find yourself dating a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend, here are tips to fight jealousy in your relationship:

1. Build Trust.

Lack of trust gives rise to jealousy in a relationship. You need to make them trust you and believe in you as someone they can rely on, and this can be achieved through regular communication and updating them about your day-to-day activities. To fight jealousy in a relationship, you should make sure that you both trust each other. 

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2. Set Boundaries. 

Every relationship has rules, so create boundaries between your relationship and friendship. Perhaps if your partner has been complaining about you mingling with friends. You should discuss your likes and dislikes and limit how you associate with besties, as this may reduce the jealousy in the relationship.

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3. Avoid Flirting With The Opposite Sex.

Some people can’t stand seeing their partner with another man or woman, thus respect your partner’s feelings by limiting how you hang out with the opposite gender or flirting with them, as these behaviors can ignite jealousy in the relationship. If you have a jealous partner, limit how you mingle with the opposite sex.

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4. Open Conversation.

To fight jealousy in your relationship, sit down with your spouse and talk about things that cause jealousy in the relationship. People don’t just get jealous for no reason; there must be something that triggers their behavior. Identify it and avoid doing it.

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Some people find it uncomfortable to see their spouse with the opposite sex, and if you continue to do so, it will fuel jealousy. By having open and honest communication with your spouse, you can fight jealousy in the relationship.

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5. Chat Regularly.

Communicating regularly with your spouse is a good way to fight jealousy in the relationship. When you are online, chat them up and call them to check up on them. When you are online and refuse to chat them up, they might think you are giving someone else your attention. 

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6. Respect Your Spouse in Public.

Showing respect to your partner can help fight the jealousy in the relationship. If you are hanging out with your spouse, avoid talking to someone of the opposite gender in their presence; do not give another man your attention when with your boyfriend; and avoid complimenting another woman’s beauty in the presence of your girlfriend. All these can lead to jealousy in the relationship. By respecting your partner’s feelings, you will overcome the jealousy issues in the relationship. 

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7. Try to Understand Your Partner.

Understanding matters the most in a relationship, as it fosters trust and strengthens the bond among lovers. You understand your partner better than anyone else’s; therefore, when s/he complains about certain behaviors of yours that are making them jealous, don’t get angry, or be acting like “it’s none of my business,” or say things like “you are too jealous.” Instead, you should listen to them and understand their point of view. 

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8. Share Your Passwords with Them.

Jealousy is caused primarily by the fear of infidelity. They are jealous because they are afraid of losing you to another man or woman, which may be the reason why they complain. Do you know that sharing your social media passwords and phone unlock codes can help fight jealousy in your relationship? Yes, you should try this if you are getting tired of the jealousy of your spouse.

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9. Kill All Negative Thoughts Within You.

In order to fight jealousy, you need to kill those negative thoughts in your head. Understand that a relationship is not a prison. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean we should lose our freedom to associate with family and friends. 

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How do you feel when your partner doesn’t pick up your call on time? How do you feel when they don’t respond to your messages quickly? Do you get angry and assume they’re with another man or woman or cheating on you? You need to kill those negative thoughts in your mind. 

Just trust your partner, and you will be fine. If you can control your negative thoughts about your partner when they’re unavailable with you, it will be easier to deal with jealousy.

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10. Calmness.

It is normal to get angry at seeing your partner posing with another man or woman, but wait, that doesn’t mean anything. Whenever you get jealous, calm down and exercise patience instead of fighting them. You should ask for an explanation. 

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Instead of abusing them or criticizing them, you could say, “Baby, who is that man or woman I saw you with today?” I believe your partner should be able to give you a convincing answer that will clear your doubts. Don’t rush to accuse your spouse of cheating without evidence because you are jealous. Learn to calm down and express your feelings in a polite manner. 

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11. Learn to Overlook Things.

Too much jealousy can destroy your relationship, and to deal with this, learn to overlook things and mind your business. For instance, if seeing your partner with the opposite sex is the major thing that causes your jealousy, you should overlook and avoid complaining when you notice that. Although it hurts, try to ignore it. The more you ignore it, the better your chances of dealing with jealousy.

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In summary, getting rid of jealousy in a relationship will take some time; therefore, believe in the process and trust yourself. In order to fight jealousy, you must trust your partner 100%. Avoid doing things that will give rise to jealousy in the relationship; limit how you mingle with the opposite sex; and communicate about your likes and dislikes.

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