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10 Tips to Let Go of the Past and Move Forward to a Better Life 

10 Tips to Let Go of the Past and Move Forward to a Better Life 

10 Tips to Let Go of the Past and Move Forward to a Better Life 

Have you done some terrible things in the past that can’t be forgiven, but now you are ready to let go and move forward to a better life? You no longer want to be associated with your past because it hurts; you want to move forward and be happy. 

Well, everyone has a past that hurts, but not everyone knows how to move on from the past to a better life. Below are tips to move forward your life and let go of the past hurts. 

1. Be Ready to Change.

The very first step to take in letting go of your past is to change your ways for better. Maybe you used to be a gangster, fraudster, or prostitute in the past, and now you want to move your life forward. 

You should be ready to change from your former ways; that is, you no longer want to be associated with being a gangster, fraudster, or cult leader. Let everyone know that you are now a changed person and no longer the person they thought you to be. 

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2. Ask God for Forgiveness.

If you have done some terrible things in the past, now is the time to ask God for forgiveness. Draw closer to him and choose a spiritual mentor to guide you on the right path. If you really want to move on, you must acknowledge God in your life because he’s the architect of it. You will be amazed to see your life moving forward when you include God in your lifestyle. In fact, people will begin to see the light in you and argue within themselves, “Is this not the bad guy we used to know in the neighborhood?”

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3. Change Your Environment.

Changing the environment will be helpful in letting go of your past and moving your life forward. Perhaps if you are still living in the same area that constantly reminds you of your past, changing the environment is crucial. Changing the environment means starting a new life, making new friends, living your life to the fullest, and moving your life forward to the next level.

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If you decide to remain in the same neighborhood, people will begin to question you and say things like, “Wow, it seems you have changed” or “Are you no longer the same person I know you to be?” 

You don’t want them to remind you of your past hurts, so changing the environment will be good, perhaps if you are known to be a bad person in your present environment.

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4. Do What Makes You Happy.

Letting go of the past is not easy; it is a gradual process, and to make this process easier for you to move on, engage in activities that make you happy. This may be your favorite hobby or try to to learn new skills that you have passion for. 

Learning new skills and trying new hobbies will keep you concentrated on moving your life forward. Even though the past hurts, seeing your present achievements and accomplishments will bring you joy.

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5. Forgive Yourself and Others.

The past is now history, and there is nothing you can do to change the past, so whatever may have happened or whatever you may have done in the past, forgive yourself and let it go. If it was someone who hurt you and made your life miserable, forgive them and let God be the judge.

Reach out to the people you have wronged and ask for their forgiveness. This is very important if you really want to move on from the past hurts, at least to set your conscience free and be happy. 

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6. Let People Know that You Are No Longer Living in Your Past. 

Whenever anyone reaches out to you regarding your past life, let them know that you are now a changed person. For example, if you used to be a sex worker in the past and someone called you for a hookup, let them know that you are not doing that anymore and tell them not to call you about that again.

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7. Take Care of Yourself.

Nobody can take care of you more than yourself. If possible, eat well, work out, hang out with friends, get a new job, a new skill, and a new lifestyle. With time, you will get used to your new life and move on from your past life, which hurts. 

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8. Talk to Someone or Go for Rehabilitation.

Having a long conversation with a friend, mentor, or therapist about your past life can be helpful in moving on from the past. Let everything out of your system—the words, the tears, the anger, the pain, the hate—just pour it out, and when you are done, move on with your life. Perhaps their advice and recommendations can also be of help in moving on from the past. It will give you insight on how to navigate your life to the next level.

If you used to be an addict in the past or suffered from an addiction, it would be a great idea if you could consult a therapist or go for full rehabilitation. 


9. Be Positive.

Always be positive about your life. Your past doesn’t in any way justify your future. That you have a bad past that hurts doesn’t mean your future will be bad too. Believe in yourself and be optimistic. Always say to yourself, “Yes, I can do this.” “I’m now a changed person.” “I’m no longer living in my past.” “I’ve moved on with my life.”

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10. Join Associations and Clubs. 

Joining an association, club, or volunteer group will have a positive impact on your life. Here, you will have the opportunity to connect with different people and share ideas with them, which may be helpful in moving on from your past and ascending to a better life.


In conclusion, moving on from the past takes time, so trust the process and believe in yourself. Ask God for forgiveness, reach out to people you have wronged and ask for their forgiveness, change your environment, let people know that you are now a changed person, be positive about yourself, talk to a therapist, and remember never to go back to your former life.

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