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17 Types of men You Must Never Let go in your life: Make sure you keep him and Marry him

17 Ttypes of men You Must Never Let go in your life: Make sure you keep him and marry him

Having a boyfriend is the easiest thing, but having a man who is mature, responsible, and knows how to treat you right is rare. 

In my previous article, I talked about the types of girls every man must keep. In this article, I will list the types of men you should keep at all costs.

If you have a man with these qualities in your life, please go to church and do thanksgiving because you’ve got husband material. 


1. Hardworking Man.

A hardworking man is a responsible man. He’s not lazy; he has a job and multiple skills that fetch him money. He doesn’t know how to sit home doing nothing. He’s not the bet9ja or baba Ijebu type expecting 2k to turn to 200k miraculously. 

If he’s not at work, you will meet him in his shop. Everybody knows him to be a hardworking person in the neighborhood. If you have this type of man in your life, make sure you keep him, because there are thousands of lazy men out there who don’t love to work but love to earn big. 

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2. He’s Not a Womanizer.

Cheating has become a normal thing in this generation. In fact, to get a man who is loyal and honest with you will require a serious connection, but if you are lucky enough to find one who sticks to you only, you never catch him cheating or doubt his loyalty. 

You should go to church and do thanksgiving because some men of this generation are chronic womanizers who use “men are polygamous by nature” for their cheating business. If he doesn’t cheat, it will be easier for both of you to build a good relationship and a happy marriage together. Hold him tight. 


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3. He Is Not into Fraud, Drugs, or Ritual Work. 

If your boyfriend is not into Yahoo stuff, fraud, drugs, or ritual work using one soap and the other with the intention to get rich quick, be grateful to God because only a few men believe in hard work and patience these days, so if you have a man who believes in hustling over shortcuts, please try your best to keep him. If you lose him, you may end up with a man who will use your destiny for ritual in exchange for wealth. 

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4. He Gives When You Least Expect It.

Eventhough he has his own responsibilities and other bills to attend to, this guy never ceases to amaze you; he gives you when you least expect, and he tries his best to provide support for you when you are in need. Some guys nowadays are stingy and lazy to the extent that they expect you to feed them while they feed you with love. If your man isn’t one of them, you are one of the luckiest women on earth, because dating a stingy man is as frustrating as hell. 

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5. He Shows Empathy for You.

When you were depressed, he consoled you; when you were emotionally unstable, he was there for you; and when you were ill, he checked up on you to make sure you were okay. If you have a man who shows empathy for you, marry him, because men these days don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

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6. He Takes Your Correction and Apologizes to You.

Nothing is as sweet as having a man who admits his mistakes and makes adjustments. He knows he isn’t perfect and thus takes to your correction whenever you correct him. If you have a man who calls you back after an argument to apologize to you, please keep him. 

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7. He Always Compliments You.

Women love it when they get compliments from their man. It makes them feel loved and cared for, but having a man who will take a few seconds of their time to remind you of how beautiful and amazing you are is rare. If you get compliments often from your man, be grateful to God because there are some ladies who can’t remember the last time they got a compliment from their boyfriend.

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8. He Supports Your Dreams.

So, you told him you wanted to further your education, and he was like, “Wow, that’s good; I’m happy for you.” You told him about your business plans, and he offered assistance. You are supposed to be with a man who will be your cheerleader and motivate you to keep going forward in your career path, and if you are lucky enough to have this type of man in your life, you should be grateful to God.

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9. He Shares His Plans with You.

When a man shares his plans with you and seeks your advice, this may be because he sees you as part of his future plans. Someone who doesn’t want something serious with you will keep his plan to himself. If you are lucky enough to have a man who shares everything with you and is open to you about his plans for you, my dear, please hold him tight.

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10. He Doesn’t Smoke or Keep Bad Friends. 

Bad friends corrupt good manners. If a man has a bad friend cycle, this can impact your relationship negatively. Have you met with some of his friends, and they sound intelligent, hardworking, decent, and mature—not the smoker gang group? If yes, be grateful to God. 

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11. He Doesn’t Keep Too Many Female Friends. 

You need to go to church or mosque and do thanksgiving if your boyfriend doesn’t keep too many female friends. Most guys these days, despite being in a committed relationship, still have many female friends they flirt with. Some of them will even flirt with other girls in your presence because they don’t care about your feelings. 

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If your boyfriend is among the few who respect your feelings and create boundaries among his friends, you are one of the luckiest women on earth because this type of man is very rare.

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12. You Know All His Family and Friends.

Everyone in the neighborhood already knows you to be his woman. His parents do call sometimes, and he has introduced you to almost all his family and everyone that are important in his life. For a man to do this, it could be that he saw the qualities of a wife in you. Hold him tight, and make sure you don’t lose him. 

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13. He Communicates with You Frequently.

Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to talk to you sometimes. He calls you, chats with you, and also sacrifices his time to be with you. Men are more concerned about making money and are  always busy, but if you are lucky enough to have a man who still gives you his undivided attention and communication despite being busy, be grateful to God because you’ve got a husband. 

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14. He’s Not a Violent Man.

I’ve listened to ladies who share their traumatic experiences of being with a toxic boyfriend and violent man with me. Many of them pass through a series of abuse. If your boyfriend has never raised his hands on you, he doesn’t insult your family or degrade your parents over a misunderstanding. My sister, you don’t know what God has done for you. 

Some men will abuse you physically and emotionally; they will collect everything they bought for you over a misunderstanding. If your boyfriend doesn’t possess this trait, my dear, you are lucky. 

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15. He’s Polite to You.

Some guys lack manners. They can degrade you and embarrass you in public. They could insult your parents and family during a heated argument. If this characteristic is absent in your boyfriend’s behavior, you should be grateful to God because a man who is polite to you in his conversation is a husband material. 

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16. Your Life Progresses. 

One of the most important qualities in a relationship is to look out for the things that have changed in your life since you met them. Is the guy an inspiration to you? Does he think and talk like an intelligent man? Has your life progressed more than you think ever since you met him? If yes, try not to lose a man like this, because it’s not funny out there. 

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17. He Dresses Decently.

He has a nice haircut, no sagging trousers, and no crazy clothes. Having a boyfriend who dresses responsibly nowadays is difficult because everyone wants to level up and feel like one of the big boys. 

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18. He’s Good in Bed.

Before you marry a man, test his manhood and make sure it’s functioning very well. If your man is able to satisfy your sexual demands in the relationship, keep him, because one-minute men are everywhere.

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In conclusion, no man is complete, but if your boyfriend passes the majority of these qualities listed above, please make sure you try your best to keep him because you’ve got a husband. Men with these qualities are just a few.

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