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Who are Low-key Hookup Girls? 13 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Low-key Hookup Girl

Who are Low-key Hookup Girls? 13 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Low-key Hookup Girl

Who are Low-key Hookup Girls? 13 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Low-key Hookup Girl

There are some guys from my Facebook page who request therapy advice regarding their woman and love affair, and my response sometimes could be, “You might be dating a low-key hookup girl.” 

I realize many guys don’t understand that statement; they think that it means their girlfriend is into prostitution, which isn’t so. If we say your girlfriend is a low-key hookup girl, this is simply what it means:

Before we dive further, since the advancement in technology, hookups have been a key temptation for younger women of this generation, as many are not ready to work hard and trust the process, and the government isn’t helping matters, so people resort to “use what you have to get what you want.” 

Who Are Low-Key Hookup Girls? 

Low-key hookup girls are women who hide under the guise of “proxy prostitution” while forming independent women. We can’t call them hookup girls because they don’t do hookup or prostitution, but their own is low-key, so you can never know or suspect them. 

These are the 13 signs of a girlfriend who’s into low-key hookups: 

1. She’s A Student but Lives an Extravagant Life.

You are a student; she’s a student, but her lifestyle is extravagant whereas she has no source of income, yet you are surprised she lives in an apartment worth over #200,000. She’s not doing hookups, but God has been faithful to her, as some good men are bankrolling her, and chances are that she must have slept with at least 1% of those men. 1 percent is still good for a low-key hookup girl. Stay away from her if you can’t sustain her lifestyle.

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2. She Visits Many Male Friends’ Houses.

One thing about low-key hookup girls is that they always admit that they’re in a relationship while they sell their bodies in low-key. In fact, they can flaunt your pictures online just to put your mind at rest. 


However, if she used to visit countable male friends’ houses to cook for them and those guys took her out on a date, she could be a low-key hookup girl using what she has to get what she wants. A seriously busy woman won’t have time to move from one man to another like a homeless child. She’s not a hookup girl but a low-key hookup girl.

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3. She Posts Semi-Naked Pictures or Videos on Her Timeline.

If you have a girlfriend who can’t escape a day without posting on her TL, you should be worried, especially if the content she posts is semi-naked. She could post her photos exposing her body parts, in particular her breasts and stomach. She’s using these tactics to hawk her market in low-key. 

A mumu man will compliment and be like, “You are beautiful.” What is beautiful about nudity? She’s marketing her body in a low-key way; more guys will comment and try their luck if they can get a taste. The highest bidder wins. Yes, not all girls who post semi-nudes are doing trash, but if you have one as a girlfriend, she might be a low-key hookup girl.

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4. She Has Cheated on You Many Times.

One guy once said, “She only cheated on me; she’s not doing hookups.” Loyalty is the major thing you should expect from a woman. If she betrays your loyalty to sleep with other men, especially for money, what is the difference? The difference is that those ones are corporate prostitutes, while your own babe is a low-key prostitute. It’s even worse if you catch her more than once and she doesn’t repent. Bro, is it a low-key babe you want to marry? She doesn’t have to be selling her body for you to know, if she’s muti-dating guys; that is a sign of a low-key hookup girl. 

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5. No Money, No Love.

You will identify a low-key hookup girl quickly because they can’t do anything for you for free.  Without transport money, she can never visit; they may request money before sex. On your birthday, you pay; on her birthday, you must pay. The moment you stop paying or go broke, she begins to grumble and look for another man who will be able to foot her bills. Throw that low-key hookup girl away bro!

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6. She Doesn’t Work but Earns More Than Average Working-Class Women.

So, you just met this girl, and you ask her deep questions only to find out she’s not intelligent. You talked about business; she has none; her skills equal zero; she does not work under anyone yet uses expensive phones and wears wigs worth #200,000. 

They are self acclaimed independent women, but behind that independence is a doggy style. Well, their own is better because it’s only a few guys that bankroll them. The question is, how many men these days will do things freely without requesting anything in return? 

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7. She Lives a Fake Life.

Low-key hookup girls live a highly expensive fake life. She could borrow a wig, clothes, and phone to do a TikTok video just to farm for engagement from men. Pay them a surprise visit, and you will be surprised to see their fake life. Some of them depend on relationships and besties to sustain their fake lives. They will starve to death if no men carry them out for a date, that’s why they wear fake life to get customers who they refer to as ‘toasters’

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8. Her social media is Weird.

A low-key hookup girl will hide her marital status. She could post on her status, “Allow us singles to breathe.” She will never post you, and when she does, she will block many people before she does that so her market won’t spoil. They also talk ill of men; their favorite quote is “Men are scum” all the time. She’s doing all this to advertise for vacancies while she hunts for wealthy men who can bankroll her. 

If you have met a girl and at one point and she said, “My boyfriend must not know about us” or “If my boyfriend catches you,” my guy, you don’t need anybody to tell you this one nah low-key hookup girl, just chop your own and go before her boyfriend catches you. 

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9. Exorbitant Billing.

A low-key hookup will bill you all the time for everything, including when her menstrual pad finishes. They demand what their father, uncle, and brother all together couldn’t afford. The funniest thing is that they think they deserve all these because of the second-hand pussy they bring to the table. 

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10. Her Friends Cycle.

They say, “Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are.” Does your babe’s friend cycle possess most of the signs listed above? If yes, there’s no doubt that she could be a low-key hookup girl. Birds with the same feathers flock together. A woman who is serious about her life won’t have time to mingle with hookup girls. 

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11. She Clubs Too Much.

This one can’t do without going to the club almost every week. If she didn’t attend birthday today, it’s clubbing tomorrow. Nothing is bad about having fun, but low-key hookup girls see clubbing as their own school because that’s the only place to get men who could bankroll them. It’s even worse if she’s the type of woman who gets drunk every time. 

It’s very difficult for a club girl to remain loyal to you; they have the privilege of meeting with big men who are better, richer than you and won’t say no to their offer. That a girl loves clubbing doesn’t mean she’s doing hookups; however, she might be a “low-key hookup girl.” 

12. She Begged for Money from Different Men. 

Another sign of a low-key hookup girl is when she begs for money from different men. Any guy she sees, she will bill them; they may ask for an urgent #2,000. They are very quick to label you a “stingy man” if you turn them down. Low-key hookup girls can never use their own money to buy food. It must be bought by men who are their maga’s. Once you meet a girl and she starts bringing you stories about her data, airtime, hunger, gas, and house rent, she might be a low-key hookup girlfriend.

13. Very Stingy Women.

Low-key hookup girls are very stingy. They can never give you kpekus without you giving them money. They are the last person you will call when you need help. Apart from the fact that they bring nothing to the table but their expired pussy that has been banged by different men, you still have to pay to knack. If she wants you to foot all her bills because she gives you sex, she might be a low-key hookup girl.

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Immorality and infidelity have become the norm in this generation. If you suspect your woman is a low-key hookup girl, it’s best you use protection when you sleep with them, or better yet, throw them away like trash. This is not about trust; HIV/AIDS has nothing to do with trust, so protect yourself every time until you are married. 

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In addition, if you are a hardworking man, find a hardworking woman who understands the importance of money and how to multiply what you give her. A low-key hookup girl should be for fun; they’re not someone to plan a future with.

In conclusion, this writer, POLYTV, may be wrong with all these signs listed above. However, if you notice many of these signs in your woman, watch your back and be observant because you might be dealing with a low-key hookup girl in disguise. Good luck. 

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