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9 Signs a Woman is Using Kayanmata (Juju/charm) on You

9 Signs a Woman is Using Kayanmata on You: How to know if your girlfriend has locked your head with Juju 

9 Signs a Woman is Using Kayanmata on You: How to know if your girlfriend has locked your head with Juju

This writer learned that the word “kayanmata” originated in northern Nigeria, meaning herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples, such as vaginal tightening, vaginal sweetening, sex enhancements, weight gain, and weight loss supplements. However, it is no longer news that juju (spell) has been added to the business.

Kayanmata is a spell or black magic that could compel a man to spend all his life savings on a woman. Most women who use this Kayanmata are hookup girls, prostitutes, housewives, girlfriends, and intimate friends. They use this spell to command the man to do as they wish. 

Some of the ladies that used Kayanmata on their men told this writer, “Yes, it worked very well for me because since I’ve been using it, men have been spending heavily on me.”

Another lady said, “I used Kayanmata on my boyfriend to spend on me because he’s naturally stingy.”

Miss Taibat, a student of the federal polytechnic in Ede, Osun State, told this writer, “Kanyamata gives me rich partners. All I have to do is use the perfume, drink some tea, and use other products as instructed. And anything I ask from my partner is mine. The products are too expensive to be a joke,” she said.

Meanwhile, 9jaPolyTv Newsline itself has advertised many products for advertisers, with positive feedback that it truly worked. Some of the juju may be in powder form, oil, a bracelet, or in the form of a waist beed to attract the man, while others may go as far as locking the man’s head with a spell and additional charm to be effective. 

The problem with this kayanmata is that the victim can never know he’s under a spell until the spells are broken. Here are the signs to watch out for that may indicate a woman is using Kayanmata on you. 

1. She Commands You Every Time.

Before, you used to be in control of your relationship or marriage, but now things are different. Your girlfriend is the one controlling you and making the decisions; she could command you to wash her pants and do the chores, and you won’t hesitate. Even when you hesitate, you still see yourself bowing to her commands. You may think this is true love, but it could be the work of Kayanmata. 


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2. You Spend More on Her Than on Yourself and Your Family.

Did you observe that ever since this woman came into your life, you have been spending so much on her that you forgot your life goals? This may be a woman’s Kayanmata working for you, perhaps if your wife isn’t always happy seeing you send money to your family and friends. 

She has cast a spell on you to turn blind to your family; even when you have the money, you will spend it on her instead. Also, if you have abandoned your wife and family for a side chick and you see her pussy as the sweetest while ignoring your wife and kids, it may be her juju working on you. 

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3. Family and Friends Are Complaining. 

When family and friends begin to query you and ask you if everything is okay at home, you should be worried. If your family members are accusing your woman of using your head, they might be right. You may see whatever you do as love, but in reality, you are under a spell. 

If you recognize the sign that everyone in the neighborhood is accusing your wife of using your head or destiny, well, this may be a sign that your woman is using Kayanmata on you. You need to wake up before this woman ruins your life completely.

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4. You Always Go Back to Her.

You have tried your best to dump her, but it is all the same. You just don’t know why you can’t let her go because the love is too much, even when you know she’s not the best for you, but you can’t just help it. You should go for spiritual counseling as soon as possible because it may be her juju that is working on you.

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5. You Are Performing Wife Duties as a Man.

Although it is normal to offer assistance to your woman in the house as a caring and romantic man, if it has gotten to the point where you now perform the wife’s duties while she acts as the man, you may be under the Kayanmata spell. Are you the one who always cooks, does the chores, cleans the house, and even begs for sex? It is possible that you are under Kayanmata’s spell. 

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6. You Are Selling Your Properties to Provide for Her Needs.

Offering assistance and emotional support are vital components of a man’s responsibilities. However, when a man sells his properties and sacrifices his life savings to meet a woman’s demand, he could be under a Kayanmata spell, and such a man needs spiritual deliverance to be free from the bondage. 

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7. Your Manhood isn’t Functioning.

Another notable sign that a woman is using Kayanmata on you is when you notice that you can no longer perform as a man in bed with other women except her. That means she has locked your head in order to prevent you from cheating on her. She wants to be the only one to enjoy your money and manhood. 

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8. Strange Bracelet or Waist Beed.

If your girlfriend suddenly begins to wear a strange waist bead. bracelets, perfumes, and spiritual oil, you need to be careful because these are the fetish things they use to tie the man down to do as they wish. 

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9. Her Kpekus is the Sweetest.

The reason you see her as the sweetest is because of the Kayanmata, because you are under Juju. You are most likely to fall victim if you patronize hookup girls, because that’s what they use to attract wealthy men and tie them to fulfill their demands. If you see every other girl as irritating apart from her, it could be that that girl has locked your head or her juju is working on you. Every kpekus is sweet, but Kayanmata pussy tastes different until you are wrecked.

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Why do women use kayamata on their men? 

1. To protect the man.

Since men love to cheat when they have money, this is the major reason why most ladies use charm to protect the man from looking elsewhere, especially when the guy is a rich dude. The Kayanmata will ensure that the man doesn’t look outside, so she can enjoy the man’s money. Most housewives use kayanmata to protect their man from husband snatchers. 

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2. Afraid of losing him.

Another reason why girls use kayamata is because of the pain of letting go. Some of them have fallen in love deeply and think they won’t be able to cope with the emotional pain of heartbreak, so they use kayamata to tie the man down.

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3. To make money.

Some people are just selfish and care about themselves only. They want to enrich themselves at the expense of somebody’s son’s life. They use kayanmata to make more money from men since the function of the charm is to command the man to do as they wish. It would be easier for them to manipulate the man and turn him into an ATM machine.

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Bolarinwa, a hook-up girl student of the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti, told this writer, 9jaPolyTv: “I’m the one sponsoring myself, and things are hard in the country because there is no job, but using the kayamata has worked for me; men used to gift me money. Broke men have never come my way,” she said.

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What to do if a woman charms you.

If you notice most of the signs above in your lifestyle, you should seek help from your spiritual father, whether a pastor or imam, and make sure you are very prayerful because prayer is the ultimate solution that can deliver you from an evil woman. 

In conclusion, if you are a guy and you are doing well financially, please discipline yourself to put your thing in one place because you are one of their targets, and once you fall into their trap, things may get worse for you. It’s better to be careful than to be sorry. I hope you learned something today. Good luck.

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