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Ladies, here are 6 Reasons why Sleeping with Your Ex is a Bad Idea.

Ladies, Here are 6 Reasons why Sleeping with Your Ex is a Bad Idea.

Ladies, here are 6 Reasons why Sleeping with Your Ex is a Bad Idea.

Being able to reconnect with a former partner might seem like a good way to get over a broken heart and possibly get back together, but it is a bad idea. Many ladies are still sleeping with their ex-lovers, not knowing the damage this can be for them.

This article explains in detail 6 reasons why sleeping with an ex is a bad idea for women.

1. He’s Having Fun with Your Emotions.

Sometimes, when men come back, it is not because they want you back in their lives; it could be that they’re bored, horny, or miss the taste of your lips, so they will reach out to you with the aim of having fun with your emotions. 

He knows you love him, and they use love to get into your pants over and over again, leaving you emotionally drained. To you, you will think everything will soon be okay, but to them, they are just having fun with your emotions. If you don’t stop him now, it will get worse for you in future.

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2. Inability to Move On.

Love is very powerful. Some ladies do not intentionally sleep with their ex-partner; they do so out of love. If you are still sleeping with your ex, that means you are not ready for life yet because it will be difficult for you to move on. The reason is that sex contributes to bonding among lovers, and this is why it looks like you are in bondage. The more you try to leave him, the more you still have a reason to sleep with him.

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3. Forget About Building a Healthy Relationship.

If you are still sleeping with your ex, just forget about building a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage, because no man would tolerate that. I understand you are doing this in secret, thinking nobody will know, but believe me, a day will come when your secret will be exposed and your boyfriend will see that you are not a woman he can build a future with; he will dump you, and unfortunately, your ex won’t take you back either, so it’s your loss. 

The painful part is that your relationship may be heading towards marriage. Imagine your family and friends receiving the shocking news that your wedding plans had been canceled over infidelity. Think about this: Is this the kind of life you want? 

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4. Paternity Fraud.

Another reason why sleeping with an ex is a bad idea for women is that it contributes to paternity fraud. So many married women are still having secret affair with their ex-lovers. You might think using protection will protect you from the shame of paternity fraud, but that is not always the case. 

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What if you get pregnant by mistake for your ex? How will you manage this secret? Mind you, men are not fools, so if your ex gets to know that you are carrying his baby, he won’t disturb you until many years later to claim his child, and by that time, it would be as if the ground should open and swallow you due to the disgrace and stigma. 

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5. It Makes You Cheap and Useless.

Men don’t regard what they get for free, meaning if you are still sleeping with your ex and are already in another relationship, your ex will always see you as a useless girl, and he will never take you seriously because he knows you are not loyal.

Besides, who wants to settle down with a slut?  Perhaps if your boyfriend gets to know of your secret affair with your ex, no matter how much he loves you, he might never take you seriously ever again.  So you are the biggest loser here. 

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6. Cheap Blackmail.

You may fall for cheap blackmail from your ex if you are still sleeping with them. Although you really want to stop, your ex may be toxic. He could threaten to blackmail you and your husband if you refuse his sexual demands. He could record your sex tape and use it against you should you try to stop sleeping with him. You can see how bad sleeping with your ex is. 

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Why do ladies sleep with their ex?

A lot of women sleep with their ex due to many reasons best known to them, but here are some of the reasons why ladies sleep with their ex:

1. Because of love.

Some ladies sleep with their sex because of love, especially if the guy in question was the one who took her virginity. Some of them want the man who took their virginity to marry them, having forgotten that love is not a do-or-die affair. If it’s not working for you, why not just quit and move on with your life once and for all? 

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2. They miss the guy.

Some ladies sleep with their ex not because of love but because they just miss the man or the sweet memories they had together. They believe sleeping with them is a way to recreate those memories, perhaps if the man is good in bed. They go back to feel the hit of the dick again. 

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3. Financial Help.

In some cases, life isn’t always fair to women. Some of them reach out to their exes for help, and some guys won’t help without requesting something in return. In a situation where the lady has no choice, she may agree to sleep with the ex. When the lady is in haste to get financial help from her ex, she may fall into the temptation of sleeping with her ex.

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4. Communication.

Communication ignites feelings and strengthens bonding; thus, if a lady is still in touch with her ex to the extent that they communicate frequently or if she’s still friends with her ex, she may fall into the temptation of sleeping with her ex.

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How can I stop sleeping with my ex? 

The solution is simple; all you have to do is block him everywhere from your life. You may delete their contact information from your phone if it compels you to call them. Block them on all your social media, and make sure you avoid physical contact with them. Make sure you block his family and friends too, and any other thing that reminds you of him. With time, you will heal and finally move on. 

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In addition, if you are starting a relationship with any lady, ensure you ask about her relationship with her ex to see if they’re still in contact. Also, ensure you verify that her ex is blocked and they’re no longer communicating to avoid any story that touches.

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In conclusion, my dear ladies, sleeping with your ex is a bad idea and should be a mistake you must avoid at all costs. I know you love them, but if you want to move on to a better life, let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, you will be the biggest loser in the end because moving forward will be difficult and going back will be tough too. Good luck.

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