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Ladies, here are 4 Reasons why Billing your Man for Money is Good for Relationships

Ladies, here are 4 Reasons why Billing your Man for Money is Good for Relationships

Ladies, here are 4 Reasons why Billing your Man for Money is Good for Relationships

Love is sweet when you are with the right person, but it is sweeter when there is money. It’s not about being rich but making efforts to give and support each other. While some ladies are used to demanding and billing their man, others find it difficult to bill their man because they are shy or don’t want to be judged. 

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with billing your man; in fact, it is good, provided it is once in a while and not like depending on him. Dear ladies, here are 4 reasons why you should bill your man.

1. It Makes You a Classy Woman.

Sometimes, men take women who don’t bill them for granted. In fact, they call them “cheap girls.” Why won’t he call you cheap when you don’t demand anything from him? People don’t appreciate what they get for free. 

I’m not saying you should monetize love and relationships; remember, not every man knows their responsibility or how to give without asking, so billing him is not a bad idea. You should try this once in a while for him to value you. 

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2. It Prevents Cheating.

A man who wants to cheat will still cheat, no matter what you do to keep him. However, billing him could stop him from cheating on you because a man needs money and time to cheat. What if you bill him once in a while? That may reduce his purchasing power to go after other girls.

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3. Men love it.

Unless they’re financially constrained, men love it when their woman initiates demand from them, especially if the thing you demand is what they could afford. It makes them feel responsible like real men. 


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4. It Helps You Know How You Manage Your Finances and Support Each Other.

A stingy boyfriend will make a stingy husband. If a man is a cheerful giver, you will know from the little he gives, and if he’s stingy, you will know from his actions. Billing your man can be a way of knowing whether he’s a stingy man or not. He doesn’t have to give you all your demands, but that little effort will go a long way. 

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Too much billing can ruin your relationship.

As much as men love to take care of their woman while performing their responsibilities, it is important to note that too much billing can reduce love and chase a man away. Thus, when billing a man, it should be something reasonable. For instance, you may request money for your hair once in a while, and if you are in an emergency where you need money, you may bill him for assistance. 

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Demand what he can afford.

Remember, fingers are not equal, so do not compare your man with others; demand only what he can afford. Too much pressure on a man can make him do terrible things. When a man is madly in love, they can go to any length to make you happy, and this is why you need to be careful how you bill him. 

You already know how much he earns and his standard of living, so you should not overcharge him. For instance, billing a man who lives in a single room to get a 2-bedroom flat for you is so insensitive. You may tell him to support you, but don’t go beyond his capacity. 

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Support a man who supports you.

No matter how rich your man is, they still need your support financially, spiritually, and emotionally too. So try to support your man once in a while, like paying for his data subscription, airtime, and surprise package. A caring man also deserves a caring girlfriend. Appreciate those little efforts, and he will be inspired to do more for you. 

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Is it good to bill a boyfriend?

Why not? There is nothing bad about asking a boyfriend for money. What is bad is the manner in which you request the money. Remember, one of his responsibilities as a boyfriend is to support you, but it is not his duty; it only becomes his duty the moment you are legally married. If you want to demand something from a man, do so, but not frequently, like expecting him to foot all your bills. 

In conclusion, billing your man is healthy for relationships when you are dating a man who doesn’t know how to give willingly. Billing a man can limit his power to cheat on you and make you classy, and perhaps some guys love it when their woman bills them, as long as it’s not frequent.

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