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7 Types of Women You Should Have Sex With Twice and Move on With Your Life

7 Types of Women You Should Have Sex With Twice and Move on With Your Life

7 Types of Women You Should Have Sex With Twice and Move on With Your Life

In my previous article, I wrote about how to identify low-key hookup girlfriends. While all the signs in the article may not be totally true, here are some fun facts about low-key hookup girls and the type of girls you should have sex with twice and move on with your life. 

1. The “I have a boyfriend, but…”

Low-key hookup girls have a boyfriend they build a serious relationship with. The fun fact is that you could be her boyfriend without knowing. Low-key hookup girlfriends have a boyfriend they plan to spend the rest of their lives with—someone they hope to get married to. But the innocent guy doesn’t know his girlfriend’s true intentions.

Low-key hookup girls might not bill you or ask you for money, but she has different guys who she asks for money from, and some of those guys will service her in exchange for her body. 

To you, she’s an independent woman. Have you seen independent women collect freebies from different men before? Independent woman without a job or a rich family history? Is that one an independent woman or low-key hookup girl? 

The moment you approached her and she said “I have a boyfriend but I can still date you” don’t stress yourself, just chop your own and go. No matter what, she will still cheat on you the same way she cheated on her boyfriend to be with you. 

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2. Low-Key Hookup Girls Are Religious. 

Another fun fact about low-key hookup girlfriends is that they go to church or mosque steadily. “Nah them sabi pray pass.” If you ever rate a woman as a good girl by the way she goes to church or mosque to pray, you must be a simp. 

Most of these retired hookup girls go to church while praying for a good husband to come after uselessing themselves in the past. They’re praying for a simp like you to come and marry them while forming a ‘church girl’


The fun fact is that we call them low-key hookup girls because they’re not prostitutes, nor do they sell their bodies for money; they just do their own on low-key, so it’s very rare to find out, and when you do, you will be shocked. 

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3. They Sleep with Friends and Anyone for Money and Lust.

Low-key hookup Girls are not prostitutes, but they could have sex with their best friend as long as money is involved or there are other benefits. Here, they call it “friends with benefits.”  If you have this type of girlfriend, chop your own and go.

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4. Everybody Knows Her to Be a Baddie.

Before you marry a woman, try to run a background check on who she is. She might be forming Jesus’ baby for you, whereas in reality the reverse is the case. 

There are some girls we call “street dogs” who can date anyone and sleep with anyone, provided it’s for their benefit. These girls are low-key hookup girlfriends who are meant for the street. Just sleep with them twice and move on with your life.

Everybody within her neighborhood knows her to be a baddie; in fact, some of your friends have slept with her. Chop your own and go, bro. 

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5. She Slept With Your Friend.

A woman who cheated on you by sleeping with your friend, neighbor, or relative is someone you should knack twice and move on with your life. Anyway, you can forgive her only if you are a simp. If she had sex during a one night stand, just knack her and move on with your life.

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6. Records of Sugar Daddy And Married Man. 

It’s true that our past doesn’t justify our future, but not in most cases. If she has had an affair with married men or sugar daddy before, her taste is already high, and there is little you can do to make her satisfied because she’s exposed to the zee world. Perhaps if you caught her red-handed having a secret affair with a married man, just knack her very well and dump her. 

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7. She Has Too Many Male Intimate Friends.

Everybody has friends, but if a woman has a lot of intimate male friends she has flirted with, you should warn her to stop it, and if she refuses, she’s either a low-key hookup girl or not ready for something serious. 

knack her very well and move on. Why? Because she’s not ready for a serious relationship yet, and you should avoid an unserious woman because she will break your heart. A woman who is flirting with different guys is who you want to marry? No, bro, these are the types of girls you should knack twice and move on.

In conclusion, do not be blinded by love to build a serious relationship with someone you should have sex with two times and move on with your life. You can’t afford to marry a low-key hookup girl or retired prostitute as a wife, they will drain you emotionally and financially. Run. 

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