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Ladies, stop dating that nonsensical thing you call love; throw your useless boyfriend away!

A lot of ladies are dating nonsense which they call love, and some settled for less whereas they deserve better. Love is never blind, love sees but chooses to ignore. Just like the way you see all the red flags but ignore them, So instead of asking, what can I do? You know the truth; you know what to do, but you are not being sincere with yourself because of the benefits or your emotions. 

If a relationship is not working for you, get the hell out of it. It’s not by force. Never force yourself on a useless and irresponsible man who doesn’t appreciate your worth. You can choose your husband, but your children can’t choose their father, so it is crucial to be careful when selecting who to marry.

I understand how it feels to love someone and be loved and how difficult it is to let go, but believe me, marriage is more than just love. It is more of a responsibility, so if you marry an irresponsible man out of love, money, fame, or benefits while ignoring the red flags, you may regret it, but then it will be too late to go back.

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Whenever you notice your boyfriend is a useless man, just move on with your life. There are some men you should bang once and move on with your life. Don’t mistake sex for love. Just eat his money and move on, or better yet, throw him away.

Don’t stay in a relationship because he was the one that took your virginity; stop going back to your crappy ex-boyfriend because you really love him; stop forcing yourself on a man because you don’t want to lose him. If he loves you and values you, you won’t have to beg for love, attention, loyalty, and care.

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“All men cheat.” “Men are scum.”

No! all men don’t cheat, and men are not scum, you accept nonsense because you think nonsense is a normal thing. Nonsense is not a normal thing; you are the one who chooses to date nonsense. What do you expect when you date an irresponsible man? By the way, you prefer bad boys to the good ones, so what else do you expect if not scum? You will likely attract your likes.


A man who has the courage to ask your friends out is an irresponsible man. If you marry such a man, he could sleep with your own blood sister. If you are dating a useless man, dump him for your own sake.

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If a man loves running away from his responsibilities, you should run away from such a man. I want to assure you that whatever you tolerate while dating will be doubled when married. 

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I don’t know if you are already used to his beating, how he slaps you during arguments, how he insults you and your parents when you fight, how he degrades you in public, and how he cheats on you every time. Are you going to settle for this useless guy because of the benefits? Does that mean your mental health and the future of your kids don’t matter to you? 

Let me tell you this for free: Most kids learn from their parents, so your kids are probably going to learn how to abuse, insult, and misbehave from their father because of your choice. By that time, love will no longer matter; you will be tired, scared, and confused because of your children. I don’t want you to experience this trauma, and this is why I’m asking you to reconsider if this relationship is healthy for you now because you still have a choice right now.

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Don’t settle for a man; you should eat his money and runway. A useless boyfriend will make a useless husband. Irresponsible men hardly repent.

See, you can’t change a man who doesn’t want to be changed. If he’s a chronic womanizer, drug addict, robber, or toxic partner, leave him alone and move on. Stop worrying yourself over a man who doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings and emotions. A man who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions or tender a sincere apology for his misbehavior should be deleted from your life.

Yes, husband is scarce but should we now settle for less because husbands are scarce? Stay away from a useless man who only remembers you when he’s horny. You deserve a man who loves you as much as you love him.

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“I’m afraid of starting over again.” 

I always say “the angel you don’t know is better than the devil you already know.” I was once like you; I thought I wouldn’t find someone better, but I was wrong. In fact, I regret wasting my time hoping where there is no hope. 

Are you still having hope in this useless boyfriend? If you marry him for his renewed hope, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be “RENEWED SHEGE BANZA ” There are lots of better options. All you have to do is try again. If you are staying in a relationship because he is the one who disvirgin you and you wish to marry a man who took your virginity, then you are not ready for life yet. 

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Sex has nothing to do with good qualities and it’s not genuine reasons to stay in a relationship with a useless man, sex is just for fun and recreation purpose and virginity doesn’t guarantee marriage so don’t settle for a crappy man because of sex. It is not advisable to keep jumping from one man to the next, but my dear, if you are dating nonsense, please jump and try another man. 

You don’t need to go to any church or prophet to choose a man. God has given you eyes to see, and you know within yourself that this useless boyfriend is a bad option. It’s now up to you to decide. 

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In summary, every woman must understand that love alone isn’t enough in a relationship or marriage. If you like, continue dating nonsense out of love and money. You see this your eyes that are blind, marriage will open it for you for free. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage; you need to summon the courage to move on with your life. 

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You must be ready to let go of your playmate in order to find your soulmate. You know this relationship isn’t healthy for you; you can see all the red flags, so tell me, what advice do you still need to dump that useless guy? Perhaps if you have talked to him several times, communicated with him always, and he refused to change, then you need to change him by finding a replacement. Don’t allow a useless man to waste your time; please let go if you are dating one. Thank you.

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