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9 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Women After Sleeping With Them 

9 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Women After Sleeping With Them 

9 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Women After Sleeping With Them

Did you observe that ever since you gave him sex, he has been showing some strange signs that may indicate he’s no longer interested in you? Like he no longer shows care and attention and communicates like before? What could be the reason for losing interest after sex? Below are the 9 reasons why men lose interest after sleeping with you.

1. They Are Only After Your Body.

You know a man is only after your body if he suddenly loses interest in the relationship after sex, which means he never really loved you. Sex binds couples together if there is a deep connection between them, but there is no way a man who has no feelings for you will be interested in building a serious relationship with you.

He already gets what he wants, so all those good morning and night tests and all those acts of caring and attention are fake just for him to get into your pants. Of course, he knows that if he tells you he wants sex, you will never agree, so the best he could do was to use love as bait to get what he wants. 

If a man loses interest in the relationship after sex, he is only after your body, so don’t expect him to stay after getting what he wants. 

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2.  Lust.

If a man loses interest in a woman after sleeping with her, it could be lust and not love. A lot of guys always mistake infatuation for love. This is why it is important for you to be patient and very observant, because men are great pretenders and their testosterone level is very high at the talking stage. 

Do not rush to give out sex at the talking stage or early stage because you don’t really know if what this guy feels for you is lust or love. If it’s lust, he will lose interest after sex or the moment you say no to sex, and if it’s love, he will love you more and cherish you after sex. 

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3. It’s Normal For Men. 

It’s a normal feeling among men to feel detached and relieved of their feelings after sex. After sex, they come back to their real senses, but this feeling of losing interest may be temporary. Some guys will show a strange attitude after sex, although they might make adjustments later or apologize to you. However, if your man loses interest in you totally, that’s not really love. And you should know a man is using you if only he remembers your existence whenever he needs sex. 

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4. You Played Hard To Get. 

Some guys will lose interest in you after sex if you give them a lot of stress and headaches while chasing you, and now that you have fallen in love, they might lose interest as a payback. It’s not always advisable to play ”hard to get” for a man you like. Some of them will begin to misbehave after getting what they want. 

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5. Smelly Vagina.

Vaginal and body odors are a complete turn-off for men. If he banged you once and down there wasn’t clean and neat, he will lose interest in you. So it’s necessary for a woman to take care of her body and take note of any hormonal imbalance because it may impact a man’s emotions negatively.

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6. You Are A Cheap Girl.

Men don’t value things they get cheap, and this may be why some of them lose interest after sex. Make sure you set a standard for yourself, and never put yourself down to please a man. 

For instance, moving into a boyfriend’s house or sleeping over barely a month in the relationship will make you look too cheap, and he might lose interest after sex with the mentality that it will be easy for other men to sleep with you too. You must have heard stories about men who bragged about how they sleep with girls with just “Indomie and egg”. Don’t be that kind of girl, please.

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7. Too Much Billing.

Too much billing is also one of the major reasons why men lose interest after sex. At the talking stage of a relationship, know when to ask for financial assistance and properly bill the man. Do not act like a hungry woman; if he notices that, he will try every possible means to meet your demands, and as soon as he gets down there, he loses interest because he may assume you value money over genuine love. Focus on building genuine love first.

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8. You Are Not Who He Thought You To Be.

Sex reveals a lot of weaknesses about people. After sleeping with you, he may notice some red flags or signs that may scare him off and never look back. Sometimes, if a man loses interest after sleeping with you, it could be that they notice a red flag in you and thus decide to back off. If you are really a good woman, men wouldn’t want to lose you, and instead they would love you more. 

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9. They Just Need The Sex. 

Whether you give a man sex or not, it doesn’t guarantee their stay in your life. So, if they lose interest after sleeping with you, the reason is because they only see you as a sexual object and not a life partner. 

Women have sex out of emotion, but men have sex because they need it. This is why you will see a man travel a thousand miles just to sleep with you or pay a lot of money to get sex. If he loses interest in you totally, you should summon the courage to move on because there is no genuine love here other than his sexual satisfaction.

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What to Do If a Man Loses Interest in You After Sex.

If a man loses interest in you after sex, you have the right to confront him and ask what is going on. Tell him about the change you notice in his behavior. Remember, communication is the key to resolving problems in relationships. His response will be helpful in knowing what to do next. 

Also, do not rush to the conclusion that he’s no longer interested in you because you noticed some changes; instead, give him time to adjust to you and bond with you. Sometimes, it takes months and years to fully love someone.

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However, if your man is always giving you silly excuses and has stopped all the caring, attention, affection, communication, and other things he was doing before you gave him sex, this maybe a clear evidence he is only after your body and nothing more, so at this point, you may consider moving on with your life. 

It really hurts to feel used and dumped by a man you love but move on with your life; a better man will come someday. 

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In conclusion, the reasons why men lose interest after sleeping with women vary, but the major reasons are infatuation and lust, while other factors may be vaginal odor, body odor, and the woman’s character. If you notice a man lost in you after sex, it is possible that you were used and dumped, so accept your fate and move on with your life. Never force yourself on anyone; you deserve better.

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