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11 Things that Will Reduce the Love in Your Relationship 

11 Things that Will Reduce the Love in Your Relationship 

People don’t just wake up one day and fall out of love; it starts with minor fights until they both lose interest in each other. Have you found a partner whom you love and cherish so much? If yes, you should try your best to make the relationship work. In this article, we will walk you through some activities that can reduce the love in your relationship. 


1. Lack of Communication.

Feelings die quickly as a result of poor communication. If you’ve noticed that your boyfriend or girlfriend can’t escape a day without hearing your voice, please keep it that way. Try to keep the fire or love burning because the very day one of you starts to avoid communication and stop talking to each other, the love they have for you will begin to fall apart. Lack of communication is the fastest way to kill love. If you don’t want the love to reduce, then your yesterday’s fight mustn’t affect today’s communication.

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2. Too Much Sex.

Sex helps strengthen bonds and intimacy in a relationship, but too much of it can reduce love. In a situation where your relationship is focused on sex only, there are no career talks, future plans, or marriage talks, just sex and sex. Someday, the love will start fading, and you will get tired of each other and find them not attractive anymore. Especially for ladies, if you want your man to cherish you, avoid too much sex.

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3. Always Make Yourself Available.

Being clingy is not good; it can reduce the love in the relationship. Making yourself available always for your partner is like telling them you have nothing going on in your life apart from the relationship. They won’t value you because you are always available. Most people don’t want to be with a clingy person, and too much of this will definitely impact your relationship negatively, thereby reducing the love. 

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4. Inability to Level up.

The fact that they love you for who you are doesn’t mean you should remain where you are. Try to elevate yourself and step up. If you refuse to step up, your partner won’t hesitate to throw you away when they find someone better than you.


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5. Too Much Billing.

Too much billing can reduce love in a relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is crucial for you to be self-reliant, and one partner shouldn’t solely depend on the other to survive. When you bill them too much, they begin to question your love. They may feel you only love them because of money or what they have to offer you, not because of who they are. 

The man will be confused about whether you really love him or if you are just hungry. If you are in need of someone who will foot all your bills, you definitely do not need a relationship; rather, what you need is a job. If you bill them too much, they may lose interest. 

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6. Lack of Sex.

Sex plays a vital role in relationships and marriage; thus, a lack of sex can bring up strange attitudes such as poor communication, cheating, and total disregard for your feelings by your partner, which may reduce the love in the relationship. When you deprive your partner of sex, they get frustrated and may be forced to get it elsewhere, and when you find out the truth, it’s possible for the love to decrease. Lack of sex in a relationship can reduce love, especially for men. 

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7. Cheating.

People cheat in relationships for reasons best known to them, but the day your partner catches you cheating is the day they begin to lose interest in you. Even if they forgive you, it will take lots of effort to win their heart and trust back. Before you cheat on them, understand the consequences of what you are about to do. If you don’t want their love for you to decrease, think before you act. 

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8. Non-affectionate.

When was the last time you celebrated your partner? Have you ever posted them and said nice things about them on social media? Do you hug them, kiss them, and show them off in public? If you are not affectionate, your boyfriend or girlfriend may lose interest someday. 

If you love them, show it, let them see it, and let them feel it. Whether they will take your love for granted is not your call to make; that is up to them. If you keep on acting like “nobody cares,” your partner will start losing interest in you gradually. 

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9. Foundational Energy Stopped.

I always encourage lovers in a relationship never to stop the energy invested at the beginning of the relationship because the moment the energy invested is stopped, the feelings begin to fade away. Do you guys always have fun before you started dating? Do you spend quality time together then? Do you buy gifts for each other? Do you visit them regularly before? So what has changed now? 

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People don’t just fall out of love; they lose interest when the energy invested in the early stage or talking stage is stopped. Remember, it’s not how far the journey is but how well, so the fact that you’ve been together for years doesn’t mean they no longer deserve your calls, regular chats, visits, surprises, support, care, etc. Once you stop doing those things that made them fall for you in the first place, the love in your relationship will begin to reduce. 

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10. No Reciprocated Vibes. 

If they are the only ones doing the calling, texting, chatting, buying gifts, showing affection, and showing appreciation, they will get tired of your love. As they are doing the calling, make sure you reciprocate with the same vibes, because if you don’t, your partner may jump to the conclusion that you don’t love them anymore.

As I’m calling you, I expect you to call me too. As I’m telling you, “I love you,” I hope to hear them from you. As I’m sending you those love text messages, I expect to see your good morning texts too. As I’m telling you how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life, I expect you to tell me how handsome I am and how amazing I am. 

These things will make them love you more and will keep the fire of love burning. However, if their energy isn’t reciprocated, the love will reduce and eventually die. Nobody wants to stay in a one-sided love relationship.

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11. Judging them with their Past Mistakes.

Your partner must have done some things that really hurt you; you should forgive them and put your differences aside in order to build a healthy relationship. Although forgiveness takes time, you should forgive them and leave the past for the past. Judging them every time with their weaknesses and past hurts can reduce the love they have for you. 

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In conclusion, if you don’t want the love in your relationship to reduce, try to take note of the things listed above. If you love them, show it, care for them, show empathy, communicate effectively, and never stop doing those things that made you fall in love with each other. Also, make sure you reciprocate the vibes invested in the relationship. Remember, when love fades, it may be difficult to revive it, so try not to allow that love in your relationship to fade away.

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