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6 Things to Avoid if You Are Addicted to Masturbation 

6 Things to Avoid if You Are Addicted to Masturbation 

Masturbation is explained as the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner. In other words, masturbation is when you use your hands to jerk your gbola until you cum or when you use your fingers and objects (cucumber, banana, dildo, etc.) to reach orgasm.

Masturbation is a chronic addiction that can be difficult to quit at times. The consequences of masturbation can’t be overemphasized. If you think you are battling with masturbation, here are six things you should stay away from to avoid making things more complicated than they are for you.


1. Long-Distance Relationship.

A man or woman battling with masturbation must avoid long-distance relationships. The reason is that your partner won’t be readily available for your sexual needs, and in order for you not to cheat on them, you might want to masturbate, and this is not going to end well for you if you get addicted. 

Perhaps people in long-distance relationships are prone to masturbation due to the absence of their partner. If you are addicted to masturbation and are still trying to overcome it, please avoid long-distance relationships.

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2. Stingy Girlfriend and Religious Boyfriend. 

You can’t be battling with chronic masturbation and still be dating a woman who is stingy with kpekus (sex) or a religious man who believes sex before marriage is a sin. They might encourage you to pray and fast to overcome your challenges, but this may not solve the problem at times. Well, you may try, but if it doesn’t work, the best is to avoid dating religious people or ladies who are stingy with giving sex. 

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When you feel triggered to masturbate, do activities that make you happy or call your partner to let them know what you are going through because they might be of help to you in overcoming masturbation. Things will not go easy if your girlfriend is stingy with sex or your boyfriend is the religious type. It may be difficult for you to stop this compulsive behavior. 


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3. Porn And Erotic Movies.

Pornography and erotic movies are the major triggers for masturbation. You must discipline yourself to avoid erotic content if you get triggered by it. For instance, when you come across a sex tape on the internet, instead of watching, just skip it immediately or delete it so you won’t fall for the temptation of watching and masturbating. 

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As an addict, you must try your best to avoid pornography or adult content movies for your own good, as all these things can take your addiction to the next level and ruin the sexual intimacy in your future relationship. 

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4. Loneliness.

Being single or lonely for too long is something you need to avoid if you are addicted to masturbation. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend and stop suffering yourself. Having a partner will be helpful in quenching the urge to masturbate, which is better than doing it yourself when alone. Make sure you avoid being lonely and single, as this can influence your addiction. 

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People who have been single for too long may experience being horny sometimes, and due to the fact that they don’t have a partner, they’d prefer to masturbate. This lifestyle will worsen your condition as an addict of masturbation.

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5. Naughty Chats

Someone who is addicted to masturbation must avoid naughty chats at all costs. You should know there is no way you can escape it if you engage in sex chats with someone and it causes arousal. The temptation to masturbate is inevitable. It will even get worse if you keep on having naughty chats. You will get horny and be left with no other option but to masturbate. Avoid naughty chats and sex chats if you are addicted to masturbation.

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6. Avoid Triggers.

There are certain things that trigger you to masturbate; you should identify them and avoid them. Some individuals get triggered by nude photos, staring at beautiful women they couldn’t have, reading erotic books, and watching adult movies. You should avoid all these things that trigger you and stay away from them.

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Getting married or finding a boyfriend/girlfriend can be helpful in overcoming masturbation, but it doesn’t guarantee a fix. Start by avoiding all these things listed above, and when you feel the compulsive need to masturbate, do other activities to keep you busy. With time, you will defeat masturbation.

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In summary, recovering from chronic masturbation isn’t a day job; it’s a process that comes with strong determination and commitment. Nevertheless, if you can avoid these things listed above, especially activities that trigger you to masturbate, you are just a step ahead in overcoming your addiction and being healthy again.

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