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What to do when your Boyfriend or Girlfriend asks you to give them space or go on a break

What to do when your Boyfriend or Girlfriend asks you to give them space or go on a break

It is uncommon in a relationship to find yourself in a situation whereby your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly asks to give them space or requests to go on a break from the relationship. This may come as a surprise to you, but there are 9 things you should do immediately when your partner asks to give them space in the relationship.

Why Does My Boyfriend or Girlfriend Ask Me to Give Them Space? 

There are various things that can trigger such reactions, but most times, when people face a lot of challenges or when the relationship is going through tough times, they might ask you to give them space to clear their head and battle the challenges alone.

Your spouse asking for a space could be a sign that they are tired of you and are looking for a silly excuse to end the relationship without telling you it’s over.

Sometimes when people request a break, it might be because the relationship is not healthy for them, and they need space to reconsider if this relationship is what they really want or not. 

Most people facing financial difficulties or life struggles might ask you to give them space, knowing that they might be unable to support you financially. 

What To Do When Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Asks You to Give Them Space or Break.

Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend or girlfriend requests to go on a break or assumes that this is the end of your beautiful relationship. If you find yourself in such circumstances, these are the simple things to do:

1. Ask Them Why.

If your partner demands you give them space all of a sudden. You should ask them the genuine reasons why they want space. In some cases, they might be afraid of opening up to you, or they don’t just want to bother you, but try to ask them and make sure you get to know the major reasons why they want to go on a break from the relationship. Understanding the root cause will be helpful in knowing what to do next.

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2. Never Agree to Go on a Break in Your Relationship.

No matter the circumstances, make sure you do not allow your partner to go on break because that may be the end of the relationship. Studies have shown that relationships where couples go on break hardly survive.

Tell your partner you don’t buy the idea of going on break. Whatever their reason for asking for space, tell them, “We’re in this together,” and let them know you will get through the challenges together.

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For instance, if your boyfriend asks for space because he’s facing financial difficulties or health challenges, tell him you love him for who he is and encourage him that things will get better. “I’m not going to leave you because of money or because you are broke right now. I believe in you; I believe things will get better for you, and I’m here to support you. I’m going nowhere, baby.”

Saying words like this can come as a relief to your partner and be a reassurance of your love and commitment to them.

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3. Make Things Work Instead.

Instead of agreeing to go on break, you should make things work instead, perhaps if the reason why your partner wants space is because of the issues in the relationship. Fights are a normal thing because every relationship has fights, so you should tell them that you are ready to cooperate with them in fixing whatever issues arise in the relationship. 

“I’m not going to give you this space. I know I’m not perfect, but I will try my best to make you happy because your happiness matters to me. Instead of us going on a break, please let us work on our differences and embrace each other.”

Sometimes people go on break because of relationship problems, and if the same applies to your relationship, try to make things work out and settle the differences between you guys. If they are trying to correct you, please listen to them. 

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4. Motivate Them.

This is the right time that your boyfriend or girlfriend needs you the most. Never give them the space they request for; instead, try to be there for them, stand by them, and encourage them that things will be better soon. Send motivating text messages indicating that you understand what they’re going through and offer them emotional support. 

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5. Check Up on Them.

Your spouse might be going through hard times for them to say they needed space, and if that is truly the case, check up on them and make sure they’re fine. Give them a hug and remind them of how amazing they are. Comport them and give them encouraging words. 

If it’s a long-distance relationship, call them and send a text. Even if they refuse to respond or pick up, just do your own part. Doing this can make them change their mind.

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6. Give It Time.

Sometimes, people ask for space unintentionally, maybe when they are angry, during a heated argument, or after a fight. In this case, you should give them the needed space and allow the situation to cool off before reaching out to them again to resolve the issue. 

For instance, if your girlfriend asks for space after an argument, give her the space to allow the matter to cool down. After two or three days, you can now reach out to her again to resolve the problem. 

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7. Offer Assistance.

If your partner opens up to you about the reasons for going on a break—maybe it’s due to financial problems, spiritual problems, or health problems—just try to offer any kind of support. Tell them, “I’m with you in this.” You can assist them financially if you have to. 

If the problem is spiritual, you can take them to your prophets for prayer or assist them in prayer, and if it’s depression they’re going through, try to be with them and console them that everything will be fine. Your little support will go a long way. 

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8. Apologize.

Your partner can decide to go on a break from the relationship because of your annoying behavior that you refused to work on. Maybe S/he is tired of your flaws and feels giving you space or going on break is the ultimate solution. 

Unfortunately, taking a break won’t solve the problem, so the best you can do here is to apologize to them and promise to change. Don’t just promise them change; you should work on yourself; otherwise, your relationship will crumble someday. 

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9. Let Them Go on the Break.

Have you talked to them, apologized, motivated them, and reassured them that you will do everything possible to stand by them and make things work, yet they insist on giving them space? If yes, please allow them to breathe, because you can’t change their mind if that is their final decision. Let them go on the break. 

Also, give them time, maybe 3–4 months, to see if they will come back, and if after the 3–4 months they don’t bother to come back to your life, just accept that this relationship isn’t meant for you and move on with your life. Although this is tough, it’s the best thing to do at this junction.

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Is It Good to Give Them Space or Take a Break in a Relationship? 

Giving your partner space isn’t healthy for relationships. Instead of going on a break or facing the battle alone, why not just fix that issue together and communicate with them? There are no perfect relationships, and every relationship will face a storm, but fighting the challenges together will be great, and you will come out stronger. 

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Sometimes giving your partner space might be a good approach, perhaps if you are not in a good mood or you are going through some difficulties that you feel are best battled alone but remember that a problem shared is a problem solved. So, whatever you are going through, communicate with your partner; they might really be of help in overcoming the challenges you may be going through. 

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In conclusion, if your boyfriend or girlfriend requests to go on a break, never agree to that; instead, ask them why and try to stand by them and be there for them. However, if they insist on going on a break from the relationship, allow them and slowly move on with your life because there is a 70% possibility that the relationship will never remain the same again after taking a break from the relationship.

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