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10 Factors Affecting Relationships Negatively 


10 Factors Affecting Relationships Negatively 

10 Factors Affecting Relationships Negatively

Knowing these factors affecting relationships can serve as awareness for you, which may be helpful in overcoming future challenges when you are ready to date and settle down. A lot of relationships could have survived if not for these 10 factors. One or more of the factors will, at some point, affect your relationship.

10 Factors That Affects Relationship Negatively:

1. Money.

Money has been one of the major factors affecting relationships. Many people have found true love, but money was the reason why they couldn’t end up together. Perhaps some people don’t marry for love; they marry for someone who is financially ready. Not everyone can be patient enough to wait for someone they love to be ready, so at some point they get tired, lose hope, and thus give up. 

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This has been one of the reasons why most relationships do not last longer nowadays because love is now measured by the amount of money you have in your bank account, and even when you find true love, without money, it will be very difficult to sustain such a relationship. 

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2. Environment.

The environment we live is one of the big factors affecting relationships. If one of the lovers travels to another state or migrates to another country, it will take a lot of effort for the relationship to survive because environment changes people. 

They meet new people, a new face, a new job, and a new working environment, and all these together can contribute to a sudden change in behavior and attitude that may kill the vibes in the relationship. You may feel like your partner does not love you anymore due to a reduced level of communication and attention as a result of the change in environment. 


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3. Friends. 

Friends are one of the factors affecting relationships, so you must choose your friends wisely. Sometimes your friend could be jealous of your relationship and thus give you advice that will destroy the relationship or make things more complicated for you. If you must have friends, ensure they’re the type of friends who will embrace your significant other without backbiting or backstabbing them. 

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4. Loyalty.

Loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship, and most relationships crash as a result of a lack of trust from one of the parties involved. People who see cheating as a norm might not experience a healthy relationship. Because healthy relationships are built on honesty and trust, if one of you isn’t committed to the relationship, it won’t work. 

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5. Academic Progression.

Education has a lot of influence on relationships. If your partner is a career person and chooses to further their education, chances are that he or she may lose interest in the relationship over time. They might feel level has changed and you are no longer their taste. Perhaps if they’re very well educated and you are not, this can impact your relationship negatively. 

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6. Time.

Time is one of the most important factors affecting relationships. Some people are lucky to find true love, but they don’t have time to build a connection together, maybe due to an age gap or busy schedules. For instance, a 28-year-old lady in a relationship might be eager for marriage, while the man might not be financially stable yet to settle down. It’s possible the lady won’t be patient enough to wait longer and thus might leave the relationship because time is no longer on her side, and vice versa.

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Also, some people have all it takes to build a relationship, but they don’t just have time, maybe due to their work, business, school, or other activities that take a lot of their time, and it’s difficult to find someone who will love you genuinely when you don’t give them the needed attention or have time for communication and spending quality time together. Time will always be a factor that affects relationships negatively. 

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7. Maturity.

Most relationships fail because of the immaturity of the partners. Maturity is not really about age, but both partners ability to make things work and love each other regardless of their differences. It can be annoying to have a spouse who gets angry over little things, and they might act immaturely.

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8. Entitlement Mentality or Greediness.

Nowadays, people see relationships as a solution to eradicate poverty and a source of income. Most relationships don’t work because of the partner’s greed. Your partner isn’t an ATM machine to foot all your life bills. The moment you start thinking it’s your right to have a share of your partner’s salary or income, this greediness can affect the relationship negatively. If you need money, you should get a job, not a relationship.

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9. Hunger for Sex.

Sex is a big factor affecting relationships. Most people nowadays do not care about building genuine love, getting to know each other, establishing trust, or emotional connection. Neither do they care about husband-and-wife material qualities. What comes to their mind once they hear a relationship is “sex,” and when one of the partners isn’t ready for sex, such a person may be labeled wicked, selfish, or simp. The hunger for sex has made some people to lose a good partner. 

Other factors like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, PCOS, dryness of the vagina, virginity, celibacy, and other sexual concerns can affect relationships negatively. 

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10. Physical Appearance.

There are lots of good men and women with pure hearts and good qualities, but since society focuses more on cuteness than the qualities of a husband and wife, it has been difficult for such people to keep a relationship. 

An ugly man with a pure heart may find it difficult to see love, and likewise, a woman with less beauty might experience being used and dumped in a relationship because physical appearance is a challenging factor for them. Finding someone who is interested in what you have to offer rather than your physical appearance is rare.

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