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8 Factors Affecting Students CGPA: Things That Affect Students CGPA in School

8 Factors Affecting Students CGPA: Things That Affect Students CGPA in School

There are lots of factors that affect students’ CGPAs in universities, polytechnics, and colleges; in fact, most students would have graduated with the best and highest CGPA if not for these things. Therefore, it becomes necessary for every student to be aware of these things that can influence their CGPA negatively and avoid making the mistake in order to achieve their desired CGPA.

Below are the factors or things that affect students CGPA on campus.

1. Relationship.

Many students would have graduated with the best CGPA if not for the distraction of building love and relationships on campus. These students use the freedom from their parents to do as they wish since nobody can talk to them or cushion their excesses on campus, and this can affect the student’s CGPA.

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There are some students who are married in school but single at home, cooking for boyfriends and performing husband duties while they are supposed to be studying, and at the end of the day, they failed woefully. This is one of the major factors that affect students CGPAs on campus.

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It is important for every student to understand that there is time for everything. Never sacrifice your studies for love. Know when to love and when to focus on your studies. Besides, we can  still manage relationships and studies together without one affecting the other. Love with sense; if not, you will learn the hard way on your GPA.

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Another factor that affects students CGPAs on campus is money. There are some students who sponsored themselves to school and had to do menial jobs to survive on campus. This gives them little or no adequate time for study, which might affect their CGPA at the end of the semester.

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Apart from that, the majority of the students who attend public universities, polytechnics, and colleges are from poor backgrounds, so some of the students might not have the capacity to buy the needed course materials, textbooks, and logbooks, which may carry extra marks, and when these things are missed, it will definitely affect the student’s CGPA.

Therefore, it is important for students to prepare themselves financially before going to school; otherwise, you will be frustrated with bills on campus, which can affect your CGPA.

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3. Lack of Motivation.

Lack of motivation will affect students. CGPA, especially when you find yourself among people who do not value education. Many students believe the popular slang “School nah scam,” which has reduced the passion to study among students. 

Also, there is no motivation from the government or the school management to reward the best students for their performance. When there is no motivation for students to work harder, the effect will be on the CGPA.

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Therefore, it is important for the government and education boards to come up with a policy to reward students with good CGPA, if possible, with automatic employment and brand new cars. This will motivate other students to work harder and will have a positive effect on their CGPA.

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4. Lecturers.

Lecturers are part of the factors affecting students CGPAs on campus. Some lecturers are still living in the past and rely on outdated curriculum. In fact, some of them will only award marks to students who write exactly as stated in their textbooks or handouts (La cram la pour). By the way, some of these lecturers threaten students with carryover should they fail to buy their textbooks or sleep with them.

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It is crucial for school management to come up with laws banning the compulsory sale of textbooks and handouts to students. Also, any lecturer caught in the habit of pressuring students for sex in exchange for grades should be punished as a scapegoat for others. There should be strict laws banning students from bribing lecturers for marks.

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5. Cultism.

Cultism is the major factor affecting students CGPAs on campus. Many students joined cults for protection and wanted to feel like big boys. In the process, they get distracted from their studies, and this will drastically affect their CGPA.

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It is important for every student to understand that cultism can spoil their CGPA and even cut short their lives. If your desire is to graduate with a good CGPA, then you must stay away from cultism.

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6. Laziness.

Laziness comes in the form of procrastination. Students who like to postpone things will not achieve a good CGPA. If you want to graduate with good grades, then you must derive joy from studying because there is no shortcut to success. Many students would have graduated with the best CGPA if not for laziness.

To overcome laziness, read at least 5 pages a day, set a timetable for yourself, discipline yourself to study at night, and practice tutorial questions.

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7. Student Unionism.

Unionism affects students’ performance on campus. Although for any student to be part of a union, he or she must be among the best students, unionism can still affect the student’s CGPA. Attending other students’ problems with yours can be challenging, and if you have issues or disagreements with the school authority, they will punish you with your CGPA. Some students would have graduated with the best CGPA if not for their involvement in student unions.

Before you involve yourself in campus politics, make sure you are academically sound and know what you are doing so as not to affect your CGPA.

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8. Carryover.

Carryover is meant for students, but you must avoid it at all costs because too much of it will weaken the student’s CGPA and can lead to them being withdrawn from school. Ensure you attend your lectures regularly, do away with examination malpractices, sit for all your exams, and buy the needed course materials for all your courses. If you can avoid carryover, your CGPA will not be negatively affected.

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In summary, there are many factors that can affect a student’s CGPA and academic performance; however, the most important ones are listed above. It is important for every student to be aware of these factors and make amends where necessary in order to achieve a good CGPA and graduate with better grades. I wish you the best of luck in your studies. 

Are there any other factors you think can affect students CGPA? Let us know by dropping your comments in the box below. Thanks for reading.

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