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10Ways to Collect Money from Your Parents as a Student

11 Ways to Collect Money from Your Parents Without Billing them as a Student

11 Ways to Collect Money from Your Parents Without Billing them as a Student

Surviving on campus as a student isn’t easy at all as many students cry of hunger during examination period and sometimes most of them end up soaking garrium sulphate otherwise known as ‘garri’ to survive hard times on campus.

In this Article, POLYTV will focused on how you can scam your parents and collect money from them to avoid being broke on campus. This Article is not to mislead or teach students scam but I believe calling home and asking for 2k every week might sound frustrating to your parents therefore you must apply sense by scamming them.

Some Nigerian parents are very stingy to the extent that they don’t care how their son’s and daughter’s survive in school and to get money from these types of parents you have to be smart and apply sense otherwise you might end up being broke on campus.

There is nothing wrong in extorting your parents at least it is better than doing yahoo and rituals and even if extorting one’s parent is a sin, you can still ask God for forgiveness.

Now Let’s go Straight to the point, below are the 10 Ways to collect money from your parents Without billing them directly.


Polytechnic have known to be good in terms of practical’s therefore collecting money for practical is easy especially if you are a science student, just pick up the phone and put call through to your parents that you will be having a practical on Monday and it will cost you nothing less than 5k.

If you are good at lying you can add to it that you will need to buy chemicals from the laboratory for the research work and also you can notify them that you have been working in the lab for days now studying but money is delaying you, trust me daddy will be convinced to send money. Practicals has been my number one means of cashing out on campus. Pickup your phone now call your parents and tell them you will need money for practicals.


The smartest way to get money from your parents is through school Fees. For instance, if your school fees is 20k add yours to it and make it 40k, if your school fees is 50k make it 70k. There is no need to be forming here because hunger is not a respecter of anybody especially during exams and collecting extra money from your parents will foot some other bills. Remember you need money for data, transportation and daily upkeep.

The pocket money given to you may not be enough, so it is left for you to be wise. Adding surcharges to your school fees is a legit way of collecting money from your parents. This is the number one method of cashing out in Nigeria schools

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This category is for the educated parents who always want receipt of all items but don’t worry all you need to do is to forge receipt for them How? You know the school usually release approved school fees just snap it and edit. For example, if the school fees or money to be paid is 50k you can forge it to 70k with the help of a computer guru. You can as well forge school receipt to make it tally, I’m not teaching you fraud remember the topic is “How to scam your parents” it is their responsibility to take care of you and if they fail you can apply this method.


Some parents don’t trust you at all until they speak with other students in your school but don’t worry when you get to class, inform like four of your course mate, call your dad in their presence and tell him that you are the only one left that is yet to pay for Seminar which is 10k or 20k then handover the phone to one of yours course mate who will talk like a good Samaritan to your dad for him to believe what you just told him.

You can also tell your Course mate to act as a course rep and inform your parents that you are the only student left delaying the whole class. I think your Parents should be convinced to drop something in your bank account.


Excursion is also one the legit ways to collect money from your parents without billing them directly. Either You tell them you will be going for a field trip or excursion and also add to it that the money is 10k/20k depending on the amount you really need at that moment. Notify Your parents that the excursion is 40 marks and whoever misses it will result to automatic extra year or carryover. Excursion is one of the cheapest methods to collect money from your parents as a student.


This Method of collecting money from one’s parents is delicate and only recommended to be applied on stingy parents. Pick your phone and call your parent that you had an accident and that you just left the hospital days back and also that your friend paid the bills of 10k from there, handover the phone to someone who will act like the friend you owe, after that inform your parent to send you money so that you can refund your friend that paid your hospital bills.

For this Method to work Properly you must have switched off your phone for like three days and make sure you are schooling in a distance place so that your mom won’t come check on you. “You have to arrange this well make yawa no burst”


Another way to collect money from your parents without billing them directly is to lie that you were robbed, and your phones, books and other valuables had been stolen. To make your lie look genuine, tell them that two students were killed by the armed robbers, but they spare you because you didn’t argue with them. I collected 80k last year with this trick, I lied that armed robber invaded my hostel and took away my laptop, phones and killed two students in the hostel to make it look real. My mom rushed to church to do thanksgiving and the following week I got alert of 80k to get a new phone and laptop, I used the money to change my wardrobe.

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Another method of collecting money is to call home that you are sick, tell them you need money to buy drugs. Parents don’t like hearing that their wards are sick, they will be eager to send you money for treatment. If they ask you to come home tell them, you can’t that they should send money first to treat yourself.


This doesn’t work for everyone, but you can try your luck by telling your parents that Your pastor/Alfa gave you a revelation which need urgent attention that you must do. Notify them of the amount you need which might be 5k or 10k depending on the amount you need at that very moment. You can collect money from your parents using this Method depending on your family background. These lies don’t work for devoted Christians and pure Muslim parents though.


Every graduating student would have to write project and seminar for the award of National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) or Degree and this is another legit way of making money from your parents since everyone knows that Project and seminar report requires money, you can always add to your budget. For example, if the cost for your project is 50k you can inform your parents that it is 70k and use the remaining 20k on other things such as registration, transportation and food.

In addition, these aforementioned points are the 10Ways to Collect Money from Your Parents Without Billing them directly as a Student, However, as a matter of fact, you have to ask yourself first if your parents worth scamming, that is, if truly they have the money. You don’t have to extort your parents to fund a relationship or live fake life on campus. You should scam your parents only if they are stingy and you know truly that that they have the money.

In conclusion, do not think that scamming your parents is really a good thing to be proud of, instead try to work hard for Own money by acquiring a skill and if things don’t go well with you on campus, don’t hesitate to scam your parents at least it is better than scamming others.

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