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16 Types of Girls you must Keep: If you have a Girlfriend with these Qualities, please marry her

16 Types of Girls you must Keep: If you have a Girlfriend with these Qualities, please marry her

No woman is complete, and nobody is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for less when we deserve better. Good women are rare to find these days, but if you are lucky enough to have one, please go to church or mosque to do thanksgiving and make sure you marry her because you’ve got wife material.

If your girlfriend possesses most of the qualities listed below, bro, just go to church and do thanksgiving or keep saying Alhamdulillah because God has blessed you with a wife.


1. She’s Decent.

If your girlfriend is a decent girl, you are one of the luckiest men on earth. It is difficult to find a decent girl these days, as everyone wants to be a celebrity and get known, so they do lots of nasty things online to get attention. If your girlfriend dresses decently, behaves decently, and is God-fearing, you need to do thanksgiving because such women are rare nowadays. 

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2. She Doesn’t Expose Her Body Parts. 

If your girlfriend is not among those girls who post videos showing their breasts on camera and twerking her ‘yansh’ on social media, my brother, please marry her because it is rare to find a girl with this trait. 

She doesn’t post photos or videos showing sensitive parts of her body. Keep her, bro; you’ve got a wife. 

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3. She’s Loyal.

Girlfriends are everywhere, but loyal girls are scarce. Remember that loyalty is a choice, and likewise, cheating is a choice. If this girl has never cheated on you for once ever since you’ve known her, please treat her with respect and make her happy. Finding a woman who doesn’t cheat these days requires a serious connection. If you have a loyal woman, you are among the luckiest men on earth. Please keep that girl. 

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4. She Shares Her Plans with You.

When a woman shares her plans with you, it’s because she sees you as part of her future and career. If she doesn’t want something serious with you, she would have kept all her life plans to herself. Never lose a girl like this. 

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5. She Expresses Her Love for You.

Bro! Please, if you must lose any girl, it should never be this ‘lover girl’. Finding a girl who expresses how much she loves you every time, tells you how handsome you are, and compliments you is always difficult. If I were you, I would keep this woman because such women are rare. Some girls nowadays don’t give a fuck about expressing their love, so if you are lucky to find one who does, keep her. 

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6. She Introduces You to Her Family.

If a girl should introduce you to her parents and family and you are welcomed with open hands by the family, bro, just go and do thanksgiving because this girl loves you so much and so does her family. Nothing is as sweet as marrying into a family where you are accepted. 

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7. She Satisfied You in Bed.

Most girls these days are stingy with money, yet they are still stingy with kpekus. If you have a girlfriend who gives you food(Sex) every time you demand it, bro, keep her. If you lose this girl, your next relationship might starve you of food, and you may die of hunger. Food is essential for a man, and if you have a woman who makes sure you are satisfied in the bedroom, please go to church and do thanksgiving.

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8. She Doesn’t Disturb You with Billings.

While it is your responsibility to take care of your woman, some ladies believe it is the man’s duty to carry all their life problems. If you have a girlfriend who doesn’t disturb you with billings, please keep her. It is very rare to find a hard-working woman these days because urgent 2K girls are everywhere, so if you are lucky enough to find one, please marry her. 

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9. She Loves You for Who You Are.

You know you are not that cute; you know you are not that rich; you know you are not that perfect, and you know you don’t have a Ferrari or six figures in your account, yet she still chose you without complaining. Do you still need anyone to tell you to hold this girl tight? If you lose her, you may regret it. Marry this girl bro! 

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10. She Doesn’t Keep Besties or Male Friends.

Seeing a girl who doesn’t have a male bestie is difficult, but if you are lucky enough to have a woman who doesn’t keep male friends talkless of a male bestie, just go to church and do thanksgiving because some girls can’t do without having a bestie who they give their attention to secretly. 

Giving attention to third parties can ruin your relationship, but if your girlfriend respects you to the extent that she doesn’t keep too many male friends, please marry her. You’ve got a wife. 

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11. She Doesn’t Get Drunk.

It is shameful to have a girlfriend who gets drunk while attending parties or ceremonies. As a man, you deserve a woman who acts responsibly. If you have a responsible girlfriend, keep her, please. 

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12. She Appreciates You.

Nothing is as frustrating as dating an ungrateful girlfriend who doesn’t appreciate your efforts. If this girl appreciates you for every little thing you do for her, please marry her. She will call you several times to say thank you for the token you gave her. She always appreciates everything you do, and she’s not the “How much is it?” type of girl. 

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13. She Is Tight and Clean. 

She doesn’t have to be a virgin, but at least she shouldn’t be a lady who has useless herself in the past and is now looking for a simp to pin herself on. Have you gone down there and confirmed your gbola fit her kpekus? No offensive odor or borehole experience? I’m happy for you bro because your girlfriend isn’t a retired hookup girl. Please marry her because to see a girl with tight kpekus now requires a serious connection. 

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14. She Communicates with You.

I’ve noticed some guys complaining about their girlfriend not calling them or chatting with them until they do it first. This can happen when a woman is not into you. If your girlfriend calls you with her airtime, she chats with you, and you both communicate happily. I can tell you for free that you don’t know what the Lord has done for you because girls with this trait are like gold. 

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15. She Apologizes to You. 

Having a girlfriend who sincerely apologizes for her wrongs and takes responsibility for her actions hits different. She doesn’t shift the blame on you; she doesn’t hold grudges against you; and when she’s wrong, she apologizes to you. My brother, make sure you marry this girl because girls of the zee world will just ghost you and won’t care to apologize for their wrongs. 

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16. No Entitlement Mentality.

She has a job that earns her money. She doesn’t feel entitled to your money. When you give her something, she appreciates it, and if you don’t, she understands. This type of girl is rare. Most ladies these days are battling with a chronic entitlement mentality, as they want you to spend your life savings on them. If your girlfriend is different from other girls, marry her, because having a girlfriend with a clean heart and good financial sense is a green flag.

In conclusion, if your girlfriend possesses most of the qualities listed above, this may be a sign that you’ve got a wife, and you should try your possible best to keep her because women with these qualities are few.

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