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16 Solid Signs that Your Village People are After You

16 Solid Signs that Your Village People are After You

Village people are enemies of progress who don’t wish well for you. Your life progression is a cup of tears for them. Village people can be your family, a friend, or a colleague at work. When village people are after you, it is very important to take your spiritual life seriously, as that is the only way to defeat them. Below are 16 solid signs that your village people are really after you. 


1. Carry Over Every Semester.

It is not that you are lazy; you did your best and worked like it was your last day, yet you failed. If you notice, you always have carryovers every semester, even when everyone passes the course, leaving you behind. This is a solid sign that your village people are really after you. They don’t want you to graduate. 

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2. Failed Relationships And Marriages.

None of your relationships have ever lasted beyond six months or a year, let alone marriage. Your village people might be manipulating your love affair. Even at 35, you don’t have a boyfriend, no kids, and no woman to call a wife. It appears like no man is coming your way, and every woman you propose to rejects you. You need a serious spiritual cleansing because this is a solid sign that your village people are after you. 

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3. Lack of Progression.

Does it look like everyone has moved on and left you behind? Does it look like your life is stagnant?.  You are still in the same place where everyone left you years ago. Although time is everything in life, a stagnant life might be a sign of village people. You should be prayerful and see things beyond your physical eyes. 

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4. Selling Off Your Properties.

Challenges can come at any time, making us sell our things to adjust to the condition, but if it seems like this challenge is making you sell all your properties one after the other without any progress, be prayerful; it could be your village people testing their practicals on you. 


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5. Strange Sickness.

Do you have underlying medical or health challenges beyond your power? You’ve done several tests, but doctors found nothing. Tests confirmed everything about you is okay, but you know you are not well. No one prays to get sick and bedridden, but this may be your village people at work. Sometimes they put strange sickness in your life to leave you wrecked and bedridden. 

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6. Inability to Conceive.

All your friends are already nursing their fourth child, but you are still looking to God for miracles. This is a solid sign that your village people are after you. They went to frustrate your marriage. Be prayerful. 

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7. Eating and Having Sex in A Dream.

Eating in a dream or having sex in a dream is a normal thing, but if you always see yourself having sex in a dream with strange women or eating foods in a dream, this is a sign of village people, perhaps when you wake up and feel a portion of food in your mouth alongside a wet dream. All these are solid proof that your village people are really after you. 

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8. You Bedwet.

You are above 18 years of age yet still bed-wet, even though your younger brothers and sisters have passed that stage. No matter the amount of water you drink or how you try to control yourself, you still can’t help it as you soak your bed whenever you fall asleep. This is a strong sign of village people trying to deal with you. Their mission is to embarrass you everywhere you go. 

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9. You Have the Thought of Dying Young.

Not all deaths are natural. Some deaths are the result of village people, and before premature death happens, you will notice strange signs like your instincts telling you you will die soon, having dreams of your burial, seeing dead people in your dreams, having thoughts of death in your mind, and the urge to commit suicide. Suicide is never an option. Your village people are trying to share your meat among themselves; say no to them with fasting and prayer. 

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10. No Financial Breakthrough.

Lack of financial breakthrough might be connected to village people. You have a good job with decent pay, yet you can’t point out your achievements. It looks like you work like an elephant but eat like an ant. Village people can decide to put a financial barrier in your life to block your breakthrough. 

This barrier can come in different forms; it could be womanizing, bet9ja, sportybet, hookup girls, or getting rich quick schemes. They put these things in your life to block your financial breakthrough. Your village people know you will never wake up, so they use things you will never take seriously to distract you. 

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11. People Distance Themselves From You. 

Being an introvert has nothing to do with situations where no one wants to associate themselves with you. Does it look like people don’t want to come close to you? Do they cover their noses when they sit beside you? 

No matter how you try to please everyone, they still don’t like you; they hate to see you. Every company you submit an application to for a job wouldn’t take you. If the ATM dispenses money to everyone in the queue, it will stop when it gets to your turn. This may be your village people at work. 

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12. You Sleep Everywhere You Go.

You sleep in church, you sleep on duty, and you sleep during job interviews. You are always asleep whenever your helper knocks on your door. This may be a sign your village people are really after you. They put this sleeping sickness in your life to embarrass you everywhere you go.

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13. You Have Arrogant Behavior And Insult Everyone.

You tell yourself, “I don’t tolerate nonsense from people.” You abuse both the young and the elders. You lack respect and have this arrogant and prideful behavior. You take hard substances to get high. Your parents, family, and friends have corrected you countless times, but you never changed. 

This isn’t your fault because your village people have blocked your ears. They know the day you know the truth is the day you gain your freedom, so they block your ears from listening to the good preachers and block your eyes from seeing the light. Perhaps they know blocking your eyes and ears is the quickest way to your destruction. 

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14. You Talk While Alone.

Although it is normal to talk to yourself when alone, if it has gotten to the point where people now ask you, “Who are you talking to?” it’s time to start being prayerful. Perhaps if you see yourself doing stupid things at times, it could be your village people trying to infect you with mental illness.

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15. You Take Things That Don’T Belong To You.

When you take things that don’t belong to you—maybe a stolen phone, money, or other stuff—to the extent you now steal from people to survive, this isn’t an economy, poverty, or hunger virus; it is your village people at work. They’ve seen you have a brighter future, thus casting this spell on you to take things that don’t belong to you. More reasons why you never get satisfied with what you have. They won’t stop coming after you until they see you shot dead or rot in jail. 

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16. You Sleep With Everyone For Money And For Fun.

Sometimes your prostitution isn’t linked to poverty or money. It could be a spiritual attack by your village people to stop you from achieving your dreams. When your village people want to scatter your life, they will rub your kpekus with spiritual oil, and you won’t feel comfortable until you have sex with different men. 

They are doing this to destroy your future, but you won’t know because you have an iPhone and have six figures in your account. Sometimes village people give you peanuts in exchange for the gold they took from you to make you feel like you are doing well. 

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In conclusion, village people are everywhere. Staying away from home does not in any way save you from village people. If you recognize these aforementioned signs in your life, this may indicate that your village people are after your life; therefore, you should be prayerful and draw closer to God because only God can save you from village people. 

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