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11 Different Types of Men You Will Meet in Every Relationship as a Woman 

11 Different Types of Men You Will Meet in Every Relationship as a Woman 

11 Different Types of Men You Will Meet in Every Relationship as a Woman

There are different types of men all over the world that every woman will meet at some point in her life. It is now up to you as a woman to understand what you really want and choose the best among these types of men for yourself.

When it comes to relationships and love, people are different and characters can never be the same, but we can still group men into different types, as listed below:

1. Good Men or Good Boys.

We call them good men because they’re responsible. They know how to treat a woman right. They don’t cheat or smoke; they believe in hard work and hustle. They dress decently and won’t take advantage of you. 

Unfortunately, most girls always take advantage of good boys, maybe because of their gentleness and tolerance. However, it seems women do not like good boys again because some of the good boys do get heartbroken. Some guys have stopped being good men because ladies do not appreciate their vibes.

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2. Bad Boys.

Bad boys are the type of men who don’t care much about love or connection. They focus more on money because they believe they can get anything they want with their money. Bad boys are the type of men who take hard substances like drugs and smoke, drink to stupor, yahoo boys, cultists, womanizers, and toxic men. Bad boys may abuse their girlfriends physically, mentally, and verbally. 

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These are the types of men that raise their hands on women; they don’t have any atoms of shame. They can punch you on Sunday and credit your account on Monday. They know you won’t leave because of their money or love. This is very true because I’ve seen many women stay in relationships with bad boys. It seems they are used to the toxicity of their boyfriend. 


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3. Fuck Boys.

These types of men don’t care about building a healthy relationship; rather, they’re only after your body. After sleeping with you, they move on to the next available woman. A fuckboy can date five girls at the same time. Some of them have different hookup girls and baby mamas that satisfy their sexual demands. 

Fuck boys hardly settle down for marriage; they prefer sex than love, and if you are lucky enough to get married to them, just be ready to share them with many other side chicks out there. Don’t blame them; they’re not used to monogamy; they mostly prefer varieties of women at their disposal. Some of them are single fathers because they hardly settle down. 

Well, it seems women love fuckboys too, maybe because of money or because of their cuteness. Most guys who are fuck boys are naturally handsome or rich, so it’s possible they have a lot of women crushing on them, which maybe one of the reasons why women rush them. 

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4. God-Fearing Man.

When you ask a girl what she wants in a man, the first thing she will mention might be a “God-fearing man.” A God-fearing man is a man who is more concerned about building a healthy relationship and future than just intimacy. 

If you tell a God-fearing man that you don’t want sex until marriage, he is ready to listen to you; in fact, he will introduce you to his family and friends. You can never catch him with any bad habits, like bad boys. 

Sometimes, God-fearing men are not always handsome, and thus women tend to push them away because they prefer material things rather than good qualities. A God-fearing man will support your growth spiritually, financially, physically, and mentally. The problem with these types of men is that they are usually strict, can be boring sometimes, and are rare gems. 

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5. Broke Guys.

Broke guys are sometimes great pretenders; you can never know their true intentions until they have money. Although there are still girls who don’t care about your wealth, I’ve observed that it is very rare for a broke man to see a loyal woman who genuinely loves him. Some of them (broke guys) will graduate to become bad boys or fuck boys as soon as they make it in life. 

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Well, nobody knows tomorrow; that guy you look down on today might become a big man tomorrow. It is important that you understand what you really want, whether it is good qualities or material qualities. The current financial situation can’t be used to determine the future of a man, perhaps if he’s hardworking.

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6.  Introverts.

These are shy boys; they don’t know how to approach girls or toast them. Many of them want a serious relationship but lack the confidence to confront a woman. Introverts are people who spend most of their daily lives indoors. They hardly go to parties or clubs. Also, you hardly see him with friends or post on his status or social media. 

Introverted men don’t snap pictures much, always indoors. They don’t have many friends either. Dating this type of man can be annoying if you are the type who loves showing off on social media because they are shy. 

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7.  Extroverts. 

Extroverts are the type of men who love hanging out with people. You will always see them with friends playing games, playing bet9ja, or in a bar drinking with friends or watching football. They have many male and female friends, and they tend to cheat a lot if you lose-guard. 

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Another challenge with this type of man is that there might not be privacy for you or a lack of attention because your man might always be with his friends, and you get jealous seeing him with other girls and posting them on his timeline. Extroverted men often cheat in relationships; only a few of them will be loyal to you.

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8. Mumu Man.

As there are men who are kings, there are also men who are slaves. Some men have taken it upon themselves to be slaves. This type of man can do anything for love, even if it’s to go hungry. They are the ones who join Yahoo, rituals, robberies, and other illegal work because they want to impress women. 

As soon as they see a woman, they lose their senses. Women often call these types of men “maga” because they use them as ATMs. They are the type of men who are not in control of their relationships; rather, women control them. These types of men lose their senses as soon as they fall in love. 

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9. Stingy Men.

This type of man is the worst ever. Not that they don’t have the money, but they find it so difficult to give. You can’t tell when they have or when they don’t. The only time they give money willingly is maybe after sex.   

Meanwhile, there is a difference between being broke and being stingy. Some guys are naturally stingy, and there is nothing you can do to change them. If you marry this type of man, you may regret doing so because they will shift all the family responsibilities to you.

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10. Lazy Man.

A lazy man is a man who does nothing for himself. He doesn’t have work or any skills that will fetch him money; instead, he is hoping for manners to fall from heaven for him. Show him how to make money; he won’t do it. Tell him to work hard; he won’t listen. They are always looking for an independent woman whom they will depend on financially. Some of them spend half of their day betting, hoping to win millions. 

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11. Hardworking Men.

These types of men are the real men. They believe in hard work and hustle. No matter the challenge, oppression, and intimidation, they don’t give up. 

Hardworking men are neither rich nor poor, but they will try their best to make you happy with the little they have. Although they are not as rich as bad boys or fuckboys, they are really good men. If you have a hardworking man, be patient with him because Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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What Are the Major Types of Men?

There are four major types of men: good men, bad boys, fuck boys and God-fearing. Whether a man is stingy, introvert, extrovert, hardworking, or lazy, they could still be grouped under good men, bad boys, fuck boys or God fearing man. That is, your boyfriend may be a good boy but still be stingy. 

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How can I choose a good man? 

If you are serious about choosing a good man to marry, then you must focus on the man’s character, behavior, and actions. If he truly loves you, respects you, and treats you like a queen, you should know he’s a good man. 

However, if you are the type of woman who chooses men based on material things such as their appearance, like cuteness, handsomeness, money, etc., you may encounter challenges in choosing a good man. Choosing a good man to marry is more than about physical qualities. 

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How do I meet quality men? 

You will attract your kind of men with your qualities. If you want quality men, you must build yourself up to those qualities too. If you want to catch ants, what do you do? Just place sugar, and they will come find you. If you want to catch monkeys, what do you do? You must have a banana to catch it. If you want to catch a rat, what do you use? Definitely, you will use a cat. 

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The simple explanation of my illustration is that you don’t sit down and expect a good man to come. If you want a God-fearing man, then you must possess the qualities of a God-fearing woman too. You can’t be exposing your body parts, dancing naked on social media, and still expect a good man to come for you. What you will attract are bad boys and fuckboys who are only after your body. If you are after material things, you may definitely make the wrong choice. 

While money is good and important, it doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage. If you build your own life to be of good qualities, good-quality men will come after you, and it is now up to you to select your choice among them. Remember, your beauty will attract them, but the qualities you possess will determine if they are worth marrying you; thus, you should start working on yourself. 

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If you want a hard-working man, you should be hardworking too; if you want a caring man, then you must be a caring woman; if you want a man who will spend on you, you must be a woman who will spend on men too. You will always attract your likes, and the qualities you possess will determine their permanent stay in your life.

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