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30 Important Things to take to NYSC Camp and Everything You Need to Know About NYSC 

30 Important Things to take to NYSC Camp and Everything You Need to Know About NYSC 

30 Important Things to take to NYSC Camp and Everything You Need to Know About NYSC 

Upon receiving your NYSC posting through your call-up letter and preparing to embark on your journey to the NYSC Camp to answer the Clarion Call, it’s crucial to be well-prepared with essential items. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of necessary things to take to the NYSC camp, commonly known as “NYSC camp requirements.” Additionally, we’ve included valuable tips that can make your camp experience smoother and more enjoyable.

As you get ready for the orientation camp you’ve been assigned to, for the NYSC Orientation Course, here’s a rundown of the essentials. First and foremost, let’s talk about the requirements. These are absolutely mandatory, and you won’t be granted entry into any NYSC Camp if you don’t have them in your possession.

Official NYSC Camp Registration Requirements:


Your call-up letter is a crucial component of the camp registration process, serving as the sole proof that you’re a prospective corps member, often colloquially referred to as a “Corper” or “Otondo.” During registration, they’ll collect this document from you, and it won’t be returned, so don’t worry when that happens. It’s imperative not to overlook this under any circumstances – even if you happen to forget your luggage, make sure you don’t forget your call-up letter.

Hack1: If you decide to go for the N3000 online print choice, just check that the café uses laser printers, not the inkjet kind. Why? Well, documents printed with inkjet are more likely to get messed up if they come into contact with water or moisture. It’s just a safety move, considering you never know what might happen on the road or at camp. This tip applies to any document you want to keep for the long haul. And if there’s no laser printer around, any printer will do the job.

Hack2: NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, NEVER LAMINATE YOUR CALL UP LETTER! Handle your call-up letter like it’s your lifeline at the moment because, in essence, it truly is. Forgetting it could very well result in you being sent back. And here’s a crucial note: if you accidentally laminate it, your situation becomes precarious; you might face the possibility of being sent back or granted clemency after hours or days of pleading. To spare yourself from this undue stress, it’s paramount to make ample copies of your call-up letter before making your way to the NYSC camp.

Hack3: Keep in mind that you have the option to REPRINT your Call-Up letter online if you initially chose the print online (N3,000) alternative. While there might be individuals running cafes in the camp offering printing services, be prepared for considerably high prices. Another smart move is to attach all your necessary documents (e-copies) as drafts to your email. This way, you can conveniently print them whenever the need arises during your time at camp.

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If you’re an international graduate, remember to bring along the original credentials you uploaded to the NYSC Portal for the physical verification and evaluation process.

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Ensure you have your Green Card, containing your bio-data – remember to print and bring a signed copy. Don’t forget your Final Year Student IDENTITY CARD and the Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from your school.

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Make approximately 5 photocopies of each required document. Although there are photocopiers available in the camp’s mammy market, they tend to be more expensive, and having extra copies will save you time.

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Prepare a good number of passport photographs, around 20 with white backgrounds. These will come in handy for various registrations, such as skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, redeployment, and even opening a bank account.

Tip: The forms that will be handed to you are very easy and straight forward to fill. Attach your passport where required and ensure accurate filling. Post-registration, you’ll receive your State Code Number, akin to your PIN for the entire Service Year.

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Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, and Lab Scientists should bring their proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy must have their Certificates of Registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.


PEN, PAPER, GUM. Sure, having all these ready not only saves time but also spares you from unnecessary hassles and beggining. 

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 Make sure you pack all those essentials in a sturdy, portable bag or envelope, especially one that can handle a bit of rough handling – that’s why I suggest a clear bag.

Quick tip: Keep in mind that some camps might take away staplers at the gate during check-in. If you still decide to bring one, don’t forget to include some pins with your stapler just to be on the safe side.

You’ll receive a meal ticket granting you access to the Camp kitchen for the entire 21 days. Losing it means you’ll have to fend for yourself. Even if you don’t plan to use it, consider passing it on to someone who might find it helpful.

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Here’s a tip: Once you have your NYSC State Code Number (wear it around your neck throughout camp with your ID card), you can then collect your NYSC Kit and Mattress. Following that, secure a room, and once you’ve got your kit and a spot in the hostels, you can settle in and be ready to kick off the military parades.

In your NYSC kit, you’ll discover some must-haves: 1 NYSC Crested Vest, a pair of Khaki Trousers, a Cap, and a Jacket. Plus, you’ll get 2 White T-shirts, 2 Pairs of Knickers, 2 pairs of green-striped Stockings, a Pair of Orange Jungle Boots, and One Pair of White Converse. Oh, and there’s a “Belt” thrown in too!

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DAILY NEEDS – NYSC Camp Requirements:


 Round-necked white t-shirts is a must in camp – in fact, in many camps, it’s the only accepted attire for the entire three weeks. Even for church, colored clothes might not be allowed. While you’ll be given 2 pairs of white T-shirts at camp, they may not fit well, especially for our smaller Otondos. So, consider bringing some extras, around 6 pairs, because finding time to wash during the week can be a challenge after all the parades and Man-O-War drills.

Here’s a tip: Stick to just 2 pairs of colored clothes; you won’t really need more.


I strongly urge you to bring your own shorts; they’ll give you 2 pairs, but honestly, the material is not great – prone to tearing easily, and that can be quite frustrating. Dear Otondos, pack about 4 pairs of shorts. Believe me, you won’t fancy washing every day, so bring enough to last at least 3 days to avoid any unexpected challenges.

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Okay, listen up, this part is crucial. They’ll hand you a not-so-glamorous pair of NYSC-customized white tennis shoes. Brace yourself – chances are, they might not have your size, but you can always find someone to swap with. Fair warning, though: these shoes start falling apart after the first wash. It’s smart to buy your own pair beforehand, preferably in white. Now, you can also grab them in camp, but be ready to splash some extra cash because Mammy Market doesn’t cut you any discounts – they know you’re kind of stuck.

And hey, if you’re doing your service during the rainy season, especially in Batch ‘B’ or ‘C’, consider picking up white rubber sneakers or boots. This is especially true if you find yourself posted to the Southern part of the country, like the South South (think Bayelsa). Trust me, after the rains, the parade fields and Mammy Market can turn into a bit of a mudfest. Luckily, you can snag these in camp too.

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Consider getting a fanny pack or bum bag (or for those into fashion, a cross-body purse). Bum bags are quite popular because they won’t jostle around when you’re on the move, leaving your hands free. It’s handy for carrying essentials like money, phone, small valuables, pens, and more. Keep it with you at all times, even when you’re catching some sleep.

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Seriously, you don’t want to catch malaria in camp and spoil all the fun. Do yourself a favor and bring your own mosquito net. And yeah, toss in some ropes to hang it up – they usually come with the nets. Oh, and fun fact, I used mine as a little fortress to keep my stuff safe from both thieves and those annoying insects and ants. Worked like a charm!

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15. BASIC DRUGS: Bring essentials like paracetamol, allergy medicine, relief for menstrual pain, nausea relief drugs, antibiotics, and so on. The camp clinic might not always have everything you need, so it’s wise to be prepared. Here’s a true story – a fellow corper once donated medicine worth at least a million Naira to the NYSC camp clinic in Lagos, and within a few days, they claimed to be out of stock.

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Whether you bring them or buy at Mammy, make sure to lock your boxes and bags. It’s a simple precaution that can save you from regrets and tears. I even know someone who lost more than 5 items, including both of his phones – as if he’s the only one in camp.


Throw in stuff like Dettol – trust me, you’ll thank yourself. Camp bathrooms can be a bit iffy, and infections are a big no-no. Plus, the water might not be everyone’s friend, so better safe than sorry!

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Consider buying these items from Mammy to lighten your load. If you’re lucky, some Mammy Market vendors might offer laundry services! It usually runs about N50 per item, N100 for your khaki trousers or jacket, with an extra N50 if you want your items pressed. Keep in mind that costs may vary across different camps.

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Quick tip: Save yourself the stress and buy a bucket at Mammy instead of bringing one to camp – you’ll likely leave it behind after 3 weeks. Also, for toiletries like toilet paper, sanitary pads, soap dishes, go ahead and get them from Mammy too.

19. TOWELS: 

Come along with your towels.


Don’t forget pillowcases and a pillow – you can even get a pillow from Mammy Market to reduce your load.

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Get ready for buckets of sweating. Do yourself a favor and by getting a handkerchief.


Whether you bring it or buy it, having your own eating utensils is crucial, especially if you plan on eating camp food.

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Whether you buy or bring it just make sure you get one.

Tip: You’ll get three meals a day in camp, but to be honest, the food isn’t anything to rave about. It might be decent on Sundays, but most days, it’s pretty basic. If you’re a food lover, consider bringing your provisions – fast foods, breakfast cereals, and beverages. Also, come with  some extra cash for meals at the Mammy market; you can find better options there.


The camp provides “Tea-water” or ‘brown-water’ so you can make tea whenever you feel like it!

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Bring your own lamp – in most camps, they don’t provide constant light, especially at night when you need it for the bathroom, early mornings during drills, and at night for various activities. The Mammy market usually has light until closing time, typically at 10 pm, except on special occasions like Camp Fire Night when they might stay open until the early hours. You can even charge your lamps there for a small fee.

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For those prone to boredom, pack some novels. Guys, consider loading games on your phone or bring along chess. Audiophiles, don’t forget your music player and headphones.

27. Bring your Ray-Ban sunglasses for the sun. If that’s not in your budget, consider a Ray-Bon.

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In certain remote camps, not all networks are available. Once you get your call-up letter, check with current corpers or tweet at me @_NYSC to find out which network has the best reception at your destination. Also, inquire about data access if you need it. If you’re into Instagram or YouTube, even getting EDGE is a blessing. Thankfully, there has been some improvement, as network providers are more aware of the traffic NYSC camps generate.

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29. CASH.

Okay, here’s the real deal. You’ll need roughly N50,000 (not counting transport) just to get by at camp. For a more comfy experience, aim for about N70,000 to N100,000. If you’re living on a tight budget, around N40,000 might cut it. But trust me, there’s a bunch of things that’ll nibble away at your money – food (especially if you’re dodging camp kitchen), energy drinks, recharge cards, charging your gadgets, laundry, and, well, a bit of fun. Just be ready for those little expenses.

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You usually won’t be allowed to leave camp, so being stranded is not a good idea – budget around N1,000 per day just in case. Bring your ATM card along, even though it might seem counter-intuitive since there may not be an ATM in your camp and leaving isn’t allowed. But, figure it out. Some camps have an Accounts Department where you can keep extra cash, and some shops offer POS services, giving you access to additional cash when needed.

Bring a camera if you have one, as you’ll want to capture a lot of moments. If you have a smartphone with a great camera, even better – it allows you to easily take and share photos on social networks instantly.

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Tip: If you don’t have a camera or a good smartphone, you can hire some guys on camp who do photography as a business. They might charge up to N2,000 for the entire camping period and provide you with all your photos and videos on DVDs at the end. Alternatively, you could wait until the last day of leaving camp to snap at a potentially cheaper rate.

That’s all you need to take to NYSC camp. Hold on, where are you off to? Hey, don’t keep this all to yourself. Share it with your buddies – hit those share buttons below. Anything we missed on the list? Give us a shout, let us know!

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