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5 Challenges You will Face in School as a Student and How to Overcome them


                5 Challenges You will Face in School as a Student and How to Overcome them

5 Challenges You will Face in School as a Student and How to Overcome them

Every student at some point along their academic journey will face some challenges, and the ability to overcome these challenges is what makes you stronger and a better student. What are the challenges to expect in school as an undergraduate student? and how can one overcome these challenges? Here are 5 challenges to expect in school and ways to avoid and overcome them:

1. Financial Challenges.

One of the major challenges that many students face in school is financial issues, as some students find it difficult to complete their registration formalities due to their inability to pay their school fees, logbooks, textbooks, manuals, and other practical work that involves money.

Before you buy an application form to gain admission, one thing that must come to mind first is “money,” especially if you don’t have a sponsor. If you do have a sponsor, they can’t take on 100% of your responsibilities in school if they’re not financially buoyant.

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To overcome this problem, don’t rush to buy admission forms if you don’t have money to pay for school fees. It’s better you learn many digital and physical skills or business, and once you are doing well, you can now further your education. Those skills will be helpful to you in school in case “SAPA” hits you or when you need emergency money and your sponsor can’t provide it at that moment. 

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If you are still a student and you don’t have a side hustle, you are definitely going to face financial challenges in school, which may provoke people to start begging for money. If you don’t want that to happen, think about what you can do to make money as a student. This way, you will be able to overcome these financial challenges. 

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2. Academic Frustration.

Academic frustration is a normal thing in institutions of higher learning, but some frustrations can be very challenging for you as a student. Some of the factors that cause academic frustration are carryover, lecturer pressuring for sex in exchange for grades, extra year, poor academic performance, wicked supervisor, bad roommates, etc.

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In order to overcome academic frustration, never forget your primary assignment in the polytechnic, university, or college of education. After God, your studies should be next; strive hard to avoid carryover; attend your classes regularly; and be careful of those who choose to be your friends or roommates because bad friends can corrupt your good manners. Dress decently to avoid lecturers peeping at you. If you can take your studies seriously, you will likely overcome any academic frustration on campus. 


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3. Relationship Problem. 

Relationships can affect your studies negatively. If you are the type of student who loves with everything, I think it’s best you build your CGPA first before building relationships. Yes, relationships can affect your studies because not everyone knows how to love rightly. You may see yourself sleeping in your boyfriend’s house when you are supposed to be in the lecture room. 

Look, relationship is about time, and the fact that almost all your coursemates and friends are dating is not a reason for you to jump into a relationship, perhaps if you are still in your first year on campus.

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It’s best you put relationship aside for now and focus on what is necessary. Many students dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancy, voluntary withdraw, lack of seriousness, and the distraction that relationships brought upon them. To overcome this challenge, make sure you set a clear boundary between your studies and relationships. Perhaps you can still date in your second or final year. Build a CGPA before building relationships.

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4. Temptation.

This is the point where many students fail, and only a few can really overcome this problem. University and polytechnic life is so sweet that it is very easy to forget who you are less than a month after your resumption.

Some students engage in hookups and prostitution, cyber fraud, robbery, cultism, and other illegal activities just to feel belong on campus. Some fall to the temptation of wanting to chill with the big boys and girls on campus; they want to drive Benz like other students; they want to wear expensive clothes; and others fall to the temptation of copying other students which at the end land them in trouble. 

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As a student, you will definitely face this challenge. Yes, some of your coursemates will try to oppress you with their cars, clothes, fame, connections, and SUG positions. No matter how much they try, never forget the son of who you are. Remember, this journey doesn’t exceed 4–5 years. You were sent to school to study and pursue your career, not for prostitution or joining a cult that will ruin your life. 

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Remember to always be yourself; don’t compare your life to that of other students. Also, don’t try to be in everyone’s shoes, because the moment you hope to be like them, you will surely join them. Be content with what you have and focus on your studies. You see those cars, those fame, those fine girls, those beautiful clothes—you will get there someday, but right now, you should be focusing on your studies and never succumb to this temptation. 

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5. Time Management.

Utilize your time well, because time wasted can’t be gotten back. Create a timetable for yourself: time to read, time to eat, time to play and catch fun, time for lectures, time to visit the library, and time for practicals. Make sure your time at the polytechnic and university is never wasted. Utilize your time to build connections with friends, join associations, and join clubs that will build your talent and bring out your potential. 

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Make use of your semester break to learn skills that will be an added advantage to you after school. What do you do when you are less busy? Do you just walk around the street, visiting friends up and down and gossiping? No! Don’t do that; manage your time properly and make each moment count. Believe me, you won’t regret doing this. By the time you graduate, you will feel like an achiever who came, saw, and conquered.

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In conclusion, as a student, it is crucial to understand that you will face financial challenges, academic frustration, relationship challenges, temptation, and issues with time management in school. I believe this article is helpful in knowing how to overcome these challenges when you encounter them.

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