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Top 15 Departments With the Most Brilliant Students

Top 15 Departments With the Most Brilliant Students

Top 15 Departments With the Most Brilliant Students

Although brilliancy has nothing to do with the department where a student comes from, there are still some departments that are known to be geniuses and highly intelligent all over the world. Below are the departments with the most brilliant students.

 1. Civil Engineering.

Civil engineering students are geniuses and very brilliant. Among other departments, civil engineering stands tall. If you think I’m lying, go to the department and verify.

2. Accountancy.

Accounting is not just a department, but a department full of intelligent and brilliant students. The course may not be the most difficult, but the students are very brilliant. Even with their conversation, mode of dressing, and lifestyle, you will know that these students are very brilliant.

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3. Science Laboratory Technology.

The science laboratory department consists of other options, and the students are brilliant. If you check the list of the best graduating students, it is unlikely not to see SLT among the list.

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 4. Mathematics and Statistics.

This department ought to be first on the list of the departments with the most brilliant students. When it comes to academics and intelligence, math and stats aren’t left out.

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 5. Mass Communication.

The students in the mass communication department are brilliant and academically sound. They hardly make noise like other departments do, and the students are intelligent.

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6. Petroleum Engineering.

Generally, engineering students are geniuses, but petroleum engineering is entirely different. The students are smart, brilliant, and academically sound.

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7. Office Technology Management (OTM)

Office technology management is mostly involved in office practice and secretarial jobs. The students are brilliant and intelligent. They know how to talk to people and do not joke with their studies; no wonder the department is full of intelligent students.

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8. Computer Science.

Computer science students are the most brilliant students, and they’re very smart. When it comes to schooling and academics, you can never outsmart this department because they’re full of brilliant students.

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 9. Architectural Technology.

Architectural technology is not for weak and lazy students. Besides, this course is one of the most difficult to study anywhere in the world, and the students are known to be the most intelligent. So when we are talking about a department with the most brilliant students, this list would be incomplete without architectural technology. The students are very intelligent.

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 10.  Estate Management.

The estate management department is popularly known as the “house of genius,” meaning a place where brilliant students are trained. The students are mature and academically sound upstairs.

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11. Urban and Regional Planning.

This department, right from its invention, has been known to be one of the departments with brilliant students. I must confess, the urban and regional planning departments are doing well and can’t be set aside when it comes to brilliance and intelligence.

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12. Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering is not just an engineering course; it is one of the best courses and also one of the departments with the most brilliant students. 3.00 GPA in other departments equals 1.00 GPA in mechanical engineering department. The students are so intelligent when it comes to academics.

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13. Food Technology. 

The Food Science and Technology department is also one of the departments with the most brilliant students. This department is under the faculty of science.

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14. Agricultural Technology/Engineering. 

Agriculture Technology and Agricultural Engineering students are academically sound. Most people think the department is only about farming, but there is more to that.

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15. Banking and Finance

With their mode of talking, manner of approach, and dressing, you would see that this department has more intelligent students. BFN students are trained to be professionals, and you cannot easily outsmart them in their fields.

In a nutshell, every department has brilliant students and is unique on its own. If your department isn’t on the list, that doesn’t mean your course is not a serious one.

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