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20 Good Ways to Avoid Being a SIMP Man 

20 Good Ways to Avoid Being a SIMP Man 

The term simp is used to describe a man who willingly puts himself in a submissive position toward women in hopes of winning them over.

A simp man is a finished man. A man who values women more than he values himself. Being a simp is a terrible thing that can happen to any man, as girls can easily manipulate you and control you as they like. It is now left for you to love with sense and avoid being a simp man.

20 tips to stop being a simp. 

1. Hit the Gym.

It all starts with your physique; you need to look like a man and be a heavy, masculine man so you don’t lazily shuffle your feet like women when walking. 

2. Prioritize Your Goals.

A man who loves a woman more than he loves himself and more than a woman loves him is a man a woman can control. No matter the circumstances, always put yourself first in a relationship or friendship. Before you invest in a woman, invest in yourself first. Focus on your goals, no matter the distraction. Don’t drop your career to chase women. 

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3. Do not Double-text.

A simp will text a woman once and keep texting repeatedly. It is clear that you are not wanted. Why force it? If you have messaged her repeatedly, just ignore her. Don’t be a simp man who will keep calling and texting. If she wants you, she won’t ignore your texts and calls. 

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4. No Paying Unnecessary Bills.

Make her happy and do your best, but no unnecessary transfers, no paying rent, school fees, etc. for a woman who is not your wife. Only a simp belief that helping a woman brings blessings, and she will still leave you when you get broke. 


A simp man is a man who uses money to buy love. If she loves you, you won’t have to pay to get her attention. If you don’t have, tell her you don’t have, but a simp man will say, “Let me see what I can do.” 

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5. No Unprotected Sex.

No raw sex; wear a condom. If you know it’s “pipe and swipe” because she is a street, don’t be a finished man; use a condom. “Make e no reach your turn; you go give am belle.” A simp man is a man who sleeps with different girls without using protection; if you don’t apply sense, you could end up with a retired hookup girl. Always wear protection. 

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6. Dump Any Relationship that Drains You.

You’re a hardcore simp if you allow any woman with a bad character to stress you. If she lacks the qualities of a wife, dump her. If she prefers material things over genuine qualities, throw her away. If she drains you financially and emotionally, dump her. A hardcore simp is a man whose girlfriend is a cheat, yet he still keeps her out of love. 

7.  Guard Your Frame From Jealousy.

If women like you and praise you too much as a man, you’re a simp. When you’re in your right frame, most women will avoid you.

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8. No Emotions; Behave Like A Man, Not A Woman.

A simp is more emotional than a woman, and women see them as weak and incapable of being called a man. You have to be emotionally strong. Don’t be afraid to lose a woman who isn’t healthy for you. Never cry in front of a woman, no matter how weak you are. Never sleep in a woman’s house. Crying over a woman is a sign of a hard-core simp. 

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9. Embrace Rejection.

You’re not a loser; a better one is coming; she is not the best, and she is not the only one for you. If she rejects you, fine, find your love elsewhere. There are thousands of women out there who will appreciate what you have to offer. Only simp men beg a woman after rejection. If she has rejected you twice, never bother to ask her again the third time. She doesn’t want you; respect her decision and move on. 

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10. Never Beg a Woman to Stay In Your Life.

If she chooses to leave your life for any reason best known to her, never beg her to stay. Begging a woman to stay in your life is a sign of a weak man. If you have given her reasons to stay but insist on leaving, throw her away without looking back. You are a king, and kings don’t worship women. 

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11. If She Has a Boyfriend, Don’t Accept her as her Second Option.

If a woman states clearly that she has a boyfriend, you should leave her alone for her boyfriend. Only simp men accept being an option for a woman. Kings don’t worship women; women worship you instead. If what you want is a relationship, but she agrees to friendship, leave her. Perhaps if she cheated on her boyfriend to be with you, she could do the same to you. Be wise. 

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12. Do Not Beg For Attention And Communication.

If a woman stops talking to you or tells you that she has lost her feelings for you, do not bother to make things work because it may take forever to make things work. Just Walkway. You are a hardcore simp if you beg a woman to call you, text you, or give you her attention. If she really wants you, she will reciprocate your vibes without being forced.

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13. Putting Yourself In an Inferior Position to Please Women.

If you constantly let girls walk all over you without confronting them, your friends are probably right to call you a simp. It’s one thing to sacrifice your pride for the ones you love; it’s a totally different thing to be a pushover.

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14. Obeying Women Because of Sex.

Going overboard and obeying someone just because of their sex is a definition of simping. This may include sending money to a woman you never met just to impress her or following a woman’s instructions with the hope of getting sex in return. You might be a simp if you do everything for her because of sex.

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15. Defending Unknown Women Online And Offline.

Do you always find yourself on social media defending unknown women every time, even when they are wrong? Well, you might be a simp. 

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16. Only Simps See Sex as an Achievement in A Relationship. 

If you always look in the direction where your erection looks, you might be a hardcore simp because a lack of sexual control can make you fall into a woman’s manipulation.

Sex is not an achievement in a relationship; it’s just for fun and recreation. If the only thing she contributes to your life is just sex, she could manipulate you easily with that because they know you fancy sex more than genuine qualities. In the end, you will still be a loser because you gain nothing from them other than sex. 

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17. Don’t Pump Money Too Much If She’s Stingy.

If she’s being stingy with pussy, be stingy with money. Love isn’t free. You don’t pluck money from trees; let that sink into your skull. Invest in a woman who also makes sacrifices for you. Love comes with sacrifices. If you are the only one making sacrifices, you are a simp. And when I say sacrifice, I didn’t mean “sex.” I mean caring, affection, communication, hard working, etc.

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18. Don’t Agree to Unfavorable Conditions.

If a woman is giving you conditions for loving you, never succumb to that; perhaps she always wants things to go her way. Respect her opinion, but don’t always agree with them, especially if their opinion, thoughts, and perspectives contradict yours. By always taking your woman’s advice, you easily become a simp. A man is a leader; be the leader in your relationship.

Spend more time with friends and family; take up a hobby or sport. If her request is messing up your plans, politely refuse it. She might not like that response at the moment, but she will admire your enthusiasm and dedication. 

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19. Work on Yourself.

Improving yourself is one of the best ways to stop simping. Simps often neglect themselves for the sake of women, which ultimately makes them weak and dull. To avoid this, you should spend less time simping for girls and more time improving yourself. 

Learn more skills, pursue your career, make money, eat good foods, take yourself out, and build your life. Love your life, and women will love you. If you want to avoid being a simp, you should work on self-development first and take your life to the next level. 

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20. Never go Hungry to Please A Woman.

Love is not foolish. If you are hungry, feed yourself first. Simps are those who buy shawarma for a woman while they soak garri at home. Simps buy everything for a woman, whereas they themselves lack everything. 

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Some decisions will be tough for you to make because of love, but you must never allow your feelings and emotions to overpower you. Be courageous enough to exit a relationship that isn’t healthy for you. The moment you stop being a simp, women will respect you and love you more.

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In conclusion, a simp man is a finished man, a man whom every woman can manipulate and control easily. Take a bold step today and remove yourself from the list of simp men. And most importantly, do yourself a favor every month, celebrate your little wins, and love your woman. Treat her right, but don’t be a SIMP.

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