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10 Things You do Everyday for your boyfriend and Girlfriend but not Proper for Someone in a serious relationship 

10 Things You do Everyday for your boyfriend and Girlfriend but not Proper for Someone in a serious relationship 

How do I know if my relationship is a serious one? 

Have you made up your mind to marry the man or woman you are dating presently? Do you see yourself together with them in the future? Is the love mutual? Do you find them to be your dream husband or wife? Have you met with their family and friends, and vice versa? Do you like everything about them? Do they always communicate with you and give you their undivided attention? If the answers to all these questions are “yes,” then it’s obvious you may be in a serious relationship.

However, no relationship is perfect, and there are some things we do every day that can hurt our partner, which isn’t proper for anyone in a serious relationship. Below are the 10 things you do everyday that are not proper for anyone in a serious relationship 

1. Deleting Messages so Your Partner Won’t See Them. 

If you are deleting your messages so your partner won’t see them, it is not proper. If your partner is deleting their messages, call logs or chats. You should be concerned. People in relationships should be honest with each other. Deleting chats and call logs can lead to trust issues and insecurities in a relationship.

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2. Disappearing Messages. 

If your partner puts his or her chats on disappearing messages, you should tell them to remove them if they have nothing to hide, or better yet, give you a clear explanation for such behavior. They can do that to others, but not to you, their partner. 

Although chats on disappearing messages mean nothing, they aren’t appropriate for a serious relationship. Sometimes, when we are bored, we tend to read our conversations with our partner, and it can make us feel better. You know that feeling when you read your chats with your man or woman and smile?

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3. Posting Half-Naked Photos. 

If you are in a serious relationship, you should refrain from posting half-naked photos or doing videos exposing your body parts on social media. This behavior can destroy your relationship. No man can tolerate seeing his serious girlfriend twerking on social media for likes and views. 

If you are in a serious relationship, you should respect your partner’s feelings by keeping your body private. Also, sharing your pictures and videos to a stranger of the opposite sex while in a serious relationship is not proper. 


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4. Forming Singles Online and Offline. 

If you are in a serious relationship, let people know you are already taken. Acting like a single person while in a serious relationship isn’t proper. For example, posting “ALLOW WE THE SINGLE TO BREATHE” on your social media profile whereas you are in a serious relationship. 

What is your aim for posting that? You claim to be in a serious relationship, yet you are telling other people that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Where do you belong exactly? This isn’t appropriate for anyone in a serious relationship. 

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5. Ignoring Your Partner While Giving Others Your Full Attention Isn’t Proper. 

When you are online, message them, and vice versa. Ignoring your boyfriend or girlfriend’s messages while giving other people your full attention isn’t appropriate for anyone who claims to be in a serious relationship. 

Why wait for them to message you first when you can initiate the conversation? If your relationship is serious, then you don’t have to wait for them to call you or text you before you chat with them.

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6. Insulting Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

A serious relationship means you are both confident of marrying each other someday. It means you have seen their good and bad sides yet chose to stay. 

However, for a serious relationship, insulting your partner over a misunderstanding isn’t proper. Verbal abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse aren’t proper for a serious relationship; rather, open communication should be your arsenal.You can’t claim to be in a serious relationship if you insult your partner during an argument. This isn’t proper at all.

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7. Recording Their Sex Tape.

Sometimes, love can make us do stupid things. Nevertheless, recording your partner’s sex tape or taking their unclad pictures without their consent isn’t appropriate for anyone in a serious relationship. What do you want to achieve with that? Do you really care about your partner’s feelings and mental health? If you are recording them secretly without their consent, this behavior is very bad and not proper. Please stop it. 

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8. Entitlement Mentality.

Whatever your partner gives you, accept it with love. Having the mentality that you deserve more than they give you isn’t appropriate for a serious relationship. You should appreciate the little gifts they offer you, or better yet, hustle for your own money.

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9. Flirting With Other Guys or Girls Isn’t Proper.

One of the crucial things that is improper for anyone in a serious relationship is flirting with the opposite sex. You already have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you are building a future with. Respect their feelings. You can be friends with the opposite sex, but flirting with them isn’t proper. Don’t do that.

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10. Holding Grudges Against Each Other.

Holding grudges against each other over a misunderstanding or after a fight isn’t proper. Some couples tend to punish each other with a lack of communication and attention after an argument. 

While fights are normal for healthy relationships, holding grudges against one another isn’t proper. If your second half did something that offended you, try to open up so they can apologize to you instead of keeping it to yourself and reacting negatively to your partner.

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In conclusion, if you notice some behaviors in your partner that aren’t proper, sit them down and have a face-to-face conversation with them. Express your feelings and concerns about their behavior, then give them time to make adjustments to their flaws while you work on your own improper behaviors too.

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