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How to Sex Chat in a Long-Distance Relationship: 13 Easy Ways

How to Sex Chat in a Long-Distance Relationship: 13 Easy Ways

How to Sex Chat in a Long-Distance Relationship: 13 Easy Ways

What Does Sex Chat Mean in a relationship?

Sex chatting is a process whereby someone engages in a naughty, sexy, sexual, or romantic conversation with their partner on the phone. It could be through phone calls, texts, or on social media. Sex chatting is common in online dating and long-distance relationships.

Sex chatting is inevitable for long-distance relationships, as people believe it is the easiest way to spice up their relationship and avoid getting bored. While this may be true, it is important to note that sex chat doesn’t guarantee a relationship will last, but it is an easy way to build emotional connection among couples.

Making a long-distance relationship work is a difficult task, but when you really love someone, you will try your best to make things work. Are you thinking about taking your long-distance relationship to the next level? You want to spice up your relationship by sex-chatting with your partner? Here are the simple ways to sex chat with your partner.

1. Establish Trust.

Trust is important in a relationship; don’t rush to the sex part in a long-distance relationship. You have to establish trust in your relationship first. If your partner is able to confide in you, of course they will willingly share their sexual capabilities with you.

Before you think of sex chatting with your partner, establish love, trust, and understanding first. Not that you should be disturbing them for sex in a 24-hour relationship; they may lose interest. Try your best to make your partner trust you, and when this is achieved, sex chatting becomes easier.

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2. Send Sexy, Sweet Romantic Messages Often.

One of the easiest ways to turn your partner on in a long-distance relationship is by sending them sweet romantic messages. Example: “Hi sweetheart, you can’t believe how much I cherish you. I can’t wait to see you and look into your eyes, kiss you, hug you, and caress your body.” “I can’t sleep – I need to be snuggling with you right now.”

To initiate sex chatting in a relationship, make sure you maintain the energy of communicating with your partner regularly. Send those morning, afternoon, and night messages; it will drive them crazy.

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3. Compliment Their Photos.

Ask them to send you their videos or photos, then compliment them. When they do, you could say, “Wow, you look gorgeous. Please permit me to kiss you.” “You have big boobs; I feel like sucking you baby.” “On the day God created you, he really made you special because you are blessed with huge buttocks.”

Remember to use the right emoji in your chats. When your partner sees this, they know you are interested in sex chat and may reciprocate with the same vibes.

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4. How Do You Control Your Sexual Urge?

Whenever I want to sex chat with my partner in a long-distance relationship, I ask them this question: “How do you control your sexual urge?” If they reply, “What do you mean?” ask them how they control their sexual urge since you are not together. This is where the real sex chat begins; their response will give you insight on how to prolong the sex conversation. Your partner may tell you they masturbate and other things they do to control their sexual urge.

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5. Baby, I Feel Like Kissing You; Will You Allow Me?

Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you would like to kiss them if they will permit it. If they reply “yes” or “why not,” then you should continue with, “What type of kiss do you like? French kiss, lizard kiss, or romantic kiss?” If they sound like they don’t know there are different types of kisses, tell them, “I will teach you how to kiss.”

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6. Can We Bathe Together?

Another way of sex-chatting with your partner is by asking sensitive questions like, if we meet physically, can we bathe together? Can you undress before me? Can we sleep together on the same bed without sex? These questions will generate a deeper connection between you and your spouse.

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7. What Turns You the Most?

Asking them about certain behaviors that turn them on is an exciting way to sex chat with your spouse; it makes your chat sweet. You may say, “Honey, you won’t believe seeing your photos, chatting with you, and talking with you turns me on.” “Whenever I think about you, I get wet and wish to have you inside of me.” “What about you? Do you get turned on seeing my photos?”

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8. How Long Can You Last in Bed?

If you want to sex chat with your boyfriend, you may start by asking him how long he can last in bed, his favorite styles in bed, his weak points, and how he wants it. With these statements, your boyfriend knows you want him to talk dirty, and he will reply to you with the same energy.

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9. I Dreamed of You Last Night.

Tell your partner you dreamed of them last night and can’t leave their thoughts off your head. They will ask you what the dream was all about. Tell them, “It was about me and you; I saw you in my dream; I cooked for you; you ate my food; I told you how much I love you; I kissed you; I sucked your breast; I gave you a head/BJ; and we then made love in the dream.

My alarm woke me up, and it was then that I realized it was just a dream, but I hope my dream comes true because I wish to suck your breast in reality.” When you say this, it’s possible they smile. You may proceed by asking them, “Will you allow me to suck your breast?”

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10. Avoid Sharing Nudes.

Sex chatting with your partner in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to exchange your nudes. No! Never do that. Rather, sex chatting involves talking about sex, like things that make you horny or sexual positions to try when you finally meet. You can share your beautiful pictures and gorgeous videos while they compliment them, but never share your nudes because your partner may use them against you if the relationship later fails.

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11. I’m Catching Cold.

Jokingly tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are not feeling fine, and when they ask you why or what happened, tell them you are catching a cold and wish they were right there beside you. “I’m catching cold. I wish you were here for me to feel the warmth of your body, the taste of your lips, and the sweetness of your body.”

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12. Talk Dirty with Naughty Chats.

Talking dirty with your partner is not a taboo, so feel free to express your mind; they won’t kill you. Tell them, “Sweetheart, I’m horny, and I wish you were here. I can’t wait to see you again. I want to eat you, baby, and suck every piece of water out of your pussy.”Meanwhile, if your partner finds your chats offensive, tell them, “Pardon my manners, honey; when I’m horny, I can be very dirty with my one and only love which is you. I cherish you.”

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Is Sex Chatting a Bad Thing in a Relationship?

People view things from different perspectives, but sex chatting with your partner is not a bad thing to try, provided both of you consent to it. My partner and I do sex chat once in a while. Yes, we talk about our sexual lives.

Sometimes I will say, “Baby, don’t you miss my dick?” “What styles should we try when we next meet?” “How was my last sexual performance? Do you enjoy it? What aspect of our sexual life do you want us to work  on?” Sex chatting can be a healthy part of a relationship, especially in a long-distance relationship.

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Does Sex Chatting Reduce Respect in a Relationship?

Yes, it does. If the relationship is new and you’re still trying to build a strong connection, rushing to the sex part can make you lose your respect and self-worth before your partner. Most especially for ladies, sex chatting with a man in the early stages of a relationship is not advisable at all. Some guys will take advantage of that and call you a cheap girl. So before you sex chat with a man, you should build love, constant communication, understanding, and, most importantly, trust.

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Side Effects of Sex Chatting in a Relationship.

While sex chatting with your partner may be a normal thing, you should know that too much of everything is bad. Sex chatting should only be done once in a while, especially when you miss your partner, and your chats are boring. Talking about sex and naughty things can kill boredom. Nevertheless, when sex chatting becomes an everyday ritual in a relationship, you lose your respect and self-worth. Also, this can cause you to masturbate, which isn’t a healthy way to live.

Sex chat is like suffering yourself because all those dirty chats can really make you horny, and it doesn’t change anything or satisfy your sexual urge because your partner is unavailable, so this can make you masturbate and compel you to cheat on your partner.

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In conclusion, sex chatting is not a bad thing if done moderately; it could be a way of spicing up your relationship, provided it comes with good intentions. However, before sex chatting with your partner, please ensure that they’re in a good mood and interested in talking dirty with you, as that is the best way to enjoy the conversation with them.

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