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Top 17 Most Expensive Polytechnics in Nigeria

Top 17 Most Expensive Polytechnics in Nigeria

Expensive schools are polytechnics that require a lot of money for school fees, registration, and other expenses. Gone are those days when education was free, but now you have to pay to get education, especially now that Nigeria’s population is growing larger every day. 

In our previous article, we highlighted some polytechnics in Nigeria that are cheap and affordable; check it out here.

According to our research, expensive schools are polytechnics whose school fees are exorbitant for students. Some of the students in these schools do complain about their registration fees and other dues imposed on them.

Well, this article is not to scare any student, but just to make them aware of the bills ahead of them at their desired school. Generally, almost all schools have increased their school fees, but there are some that are quietly expensive.

Below are the lists of the 17 most expensive polytechnics in Nigeria.

1. All private polytechnics.

Many students have dropped out of school because they couldn’t afford to pay their school fees after they were offered admission to the polytechnic. Private polytechnics are cheap when it comes to admission but expensive when it comes to school fees and other bills. Minimum school fees for private polytechnics range from 100k and above, excluding acceptance fees, departmental dues, and textbooks. If you don’t have a good source of income, don’t even go near a private school so you won’t drop out.

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2. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic.

Nuba Poly is one of the most expensive polytechnics in Nigeria, as school fees for full-time programs range from 100k and above. Non-indigenous students’ school fees cost up to #110, 000 per session. 


3. The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Ibadan Poly is one of the most sought-after polytechnics in Nigeria. The school favors Indigenes, but non-Indigenes pay double of school fees, and their part-time and daily part-time programs aren’t economically friendly. 

School fees in polytechnic Ibadan range from 80k per session while the DPT program costs about 90k for the first year. Accommodation is affordable, but school fees are expensive for non-Indigenous students. If you are not an indigene, make sure you buckle up your belt. However, there is no cause for alarm as the school management allows students to pay in installments.

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4. Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

Gone are those days when Nekede Poly used to be affordable, but now you have to be financially strong to graduate from the school. School fees range from 60k and above for the first year, and acceptance fees range from 30k. Weekend and evening programs are expensive. Mind you, there are still a few other levies to pay apart from the school fees.

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5. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.

Generally, state polytechnics are expensive. MAPOLY’s registration fee is expensive, especially for their part-time programs. We advise you to put your budget in order so as to keep up with academics. The school management usually doesn’t allow defaulter students to write exams.


6. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro.

Federal Polytechnic  Ilaro is one of the best schools in Nigeria, but the school fees are not friendly at all. Full-time students pay between 60k and above, while part-time programs range from 100k and above. Accommodation in the polytechnic community is also hectic for students. FPI may not be the most expensive poly, but it’s actually among the top expensive polytechnics in Nigeria, so make sure you buckle up because FPI will drain you financially.


7. Petroleum Training Institute.

PTI Warri is now one of the most expensive federal polytechnics in Nigeria. The school fees for the first year range from 80K and above per session. Although the students protested the increase, it has yet to be reversed as of the time of publishing this article. Meanwhile, this school fee excludes the acceptance fee and other registration charges, so you can imagine how expensive that could be for the average man.


OSCOTECH is one of the most expensive polytechnics in Nigeria. School fees for NDI and HND1 range from 80k. However, indigenous students enjoy school fees ranging below 65K per session. 


9. NASPOLY Lafia.

Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia now Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic is expensive. The school management has given students the option to pay twice to reduce the burden, so they normally pay school fees per semester.  School fees range from #70,000 and above. 40k in the first semester and 30-35k in the second semester, excluding other fees. Meanwhile, students who are indigenous pay less.

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Plateau State Polytechnic students pay school fees per semester. The school fees range below #80,000 per session for the full-time program.

11. Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe Oghara.

If you are coming to DESPO to study, then be fully prepared financially and budget at least 90k for school fees. The school is very expensive for the first year (NDI and HND1).

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Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH) is considered one of the most expensive polytechnics in south-west Nigeria. School fees range from 78k to 80k per session. I think it’s best we let you know this so you can know how to prepare ahead when you finally resume. Anyway, the school is worth it, as they’re also ranked as being among the top best polytechnics in Nigeria.

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13. Kwara Poly.

Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin is now for the rich. “If you no get money, no put body oo” school fee for non-Indigene ranges from 85k depending on the course you are studying while Indigenes pay below 70k.     Apart from school fees, there are still some other bills ahead. Prepare very well so you won’t have issues with registration formalities. 

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14. Edo State Polytechnic.

Edo Poly admission is easy, but their school fees are very expensive for both ND and HND. Edo poly school fees range from 80k and above per session. Everything about this school is about money. Just make sure you are financially buoyant before you apply for their form.

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Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology is one of the state polytechnics in Oyo. School fees cost about 75k per session. This might look expensive to students who sponsor themselves in school.

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Bida-Poly was once an affordable school, but not anymore. School fees in Bida now range below 80k per session for the first year and 60k per session for the second-year full-time program. These fees vary from faculty to faculty. With this amount of fees, I think it’s safe to include Bida Poly in the list. Mind you, these fees exclude acceptance fees and other levies you will pay as a student at FPB. 

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17. Federal Polytechnic Ede PT.

EDE POLY FT is cheap, but their part-time and daily part-time programs are out of reach for the common man. If Ede Poly offers you DPT admission, just get prepared and gather enough money. School fees in Ede Poly PT range from 90k per session. Aside from the school fees, there are still other fees to be paid. The students also pay a certain fee called the “integrated fee,” which costs about #7,500 or even more, depending on your department. Ede Poly part-time programs are too expensive. 

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In conclusion, there might be some other schools that are expensive that aren’t listed out in this article, but according to our research so far, these aforementioned schools are the top 17 polytechnics in Nigeria that are expensive. If you check very carefully, you will also notice that most of these schools are also among the best polytechnics, which means that the quality of education they offer could possibly be worth the fees they charge. However, we still think that the school management should make life easier for Nigerian students through the fees they charge.

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