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11 Facts About Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Students and Everything You Need to Know About the Course 

11 Facts About Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Students and Everything You Need to Know About the Course 

11 Facts About Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Students and Everything You Need to Know About the Course 

The Department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) is a course under the School of Science or School of Applied Science in Polytechnics and Faculty of Science in Nigerian universities.

This course is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria, and it opens a lot of career opportunities for graduates in the discipline. Here are 11 amazing facts about SLT students, the department, and everything you need to know about the course.

1. They’re All Serious Students.

SLT students are serious students; they love to study their books, and they place more emphasis on practicals because their practical work carries extra marks if done perfectly. It is rare to see a lazy student in this department.

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2. The Students Are Popular. 

SLT students are very popular on campus, and they are full of talented and intelligent students. This may be connected to the fact that the course is one of the most populated across all schools in Nigeria. Among all departments in Nigerian polytechnics and universities, SLT will mostly have the highest numbers, and this is why some of the students are popular on campus. 

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3. SLT Students Are Always Neat.

Another fact about SLT students is that they are neat students. If you visit their hostel, their room is always neat and tidy, and their pots, plates, and bedspread are never left unkempt. Their dressing is top-notch. Well, this is their way of life because they could see all the microorganisms that ordinary people don’t see.

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4. They Have the Most Beautiful Students.

SLT students have the most beautiful students. In fact, the department has a larger population of females than males.

5. They Love to Do Research. 

SLT students carry out activities that are more research-oriented which can be witnessed in their seminar reports and project theses. SLT students love to do research; they could go to a river bank to collect samples for practical purposes, they could go to a rare village for research, and they know almost all the botanical names for all plants.

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6. SLT Students Are Known as Poly Doctors.

SLT students are called “POLY DOCTORS” because of the nature of the course. The department doesn’t have a special dress code, but they can be easily identified by their white lab coats. They are also known as lab scientists, as they spend most of their time in the laboratory doing practicals or carrying out research. 

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7. A Very Expensive Course.

SLT is an expensive course that is not meant for the poor. Apart from the normal textbooks or handouts, students will pay for practical manuals and logbooks, as well as money for practical materials. This course, by nature, is expensive and stressful. SLT students don’t really have time for social activities; you will find them either in the laboratory or lecture room.

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8. SLT Students Are Great Scientists. 

SLT students are great scientists because this discipline has many options like microbiology, biochemistry, applied chemistry, chemistry, physics, physics with electronics, biology, environmental biology, industrial chemistry, biotechnology, etc. And this may be the reason why SLT students are tagged “great scientists.”


9. They Act Childish Sometimes.

SLT students sometimes act childish, like when you go to their lecture room, both their ND and HND students love to make noise. They make a hell lot of noise, and why they do this is unknown to this writer.

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10. They Are Too Proud. 

SLT students are proud of their profession and are very intelligent and academically sound. It is likely impossible to win them in an argument, especially when it comes to their field of study. Besides, why won’t they be proud? A whole biochemist, microbiologist, physicist, and environmentalist for that matter.

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11. They Can Work Anywhere.

Yes, SLT students or graduates can work anywhere in the world, be it a hospital, laboratory, research center, school, government agency, etc. They’re the best and will discharge their duties without any prejudices.

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What Are the Subjects Required to Study Science and Laboratory Technology?

The subjects needed to study SLT are English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and Biology/agricultural science/ animal husbandry.

Can SLT Students Cross to University to Study Medical Laboratory Science? 

No! SLT and MLS are two different courses on their own. As an ND holder in science laboratory technology, you can study any of these courses in polytechnics or universities through direct entry: biochemistry, microbiology, food microbiology, chemistry, biology, physics, physics and electronics, industrial chemistry, biotechnology, and environmental biology. 

You can’t study Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) or Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) with an ND in SLT. If you want to study MLS, you may have to start afresh and not with SLT result.

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Can SLT Students with Upper Credit Study Pharmacy?

No, it’s not possible. You can’t use your ND result in Science Laboratory Technology to study pharmacy in universities, not even pharmaceutical technology.

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In summary, Science Laboratory and Technology (SLT) is a nice course that you won’t regret studying in school. However, this course is not for lazy students; it comes with seriousness and full dedication.

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