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9 Places Where SLT students can do their SIWES and Industrial Training (IT)

9 Places Where SLT students can do their SIWES and Industrial Training (IT)

9 Places Where SLT students can do their SIWES and Industrial Training (IT)

The Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) was founded to be a skill training program to help expose and prepare students of universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education for the industrial work situation to be met after graduation.

SIWES is a 4-month compulsory industrial training program that will expose the students to being practical-oriented about what they have been taught in the classroom.

SIWES is usually done after the first academic session in the polytechnic; that is, after your NDI, you will go for four months of SIWES, and then after your NDII, you will go for one year of industrial training (IT) while preparing for HND.

If you are an SLT student and looking for places to do your SIWES and industrial training, below are the best places to do your SIWES.

When Can SLT Students Work?

1. Hospitals.

SLT students can work and carry out their SIWES in hospital laboratories. The students will learn lots of things during the program as instructed by their supervisor or superior. They work in hospitals by analyzing samples, diagnosing and helping treat patients.

Submit your SIWES form to any private hospital, general hospital, or specialist hospital close to you. Every hospital with a laboratory in Nigeria is compelled to absorb SIWES and IT students from SLT department.

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2. Research Laboratory.

There are laboratories built for research purposes only, and SLT students can do their SIWES program there. Find out if there is any research laboratory in your area and submit your SIWES application or industrial training letter there.

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3. Water Corporation.

Most water corporations and companies accept SIWES students for industrial training, especially in the analyst and quality control departments. You can submit applications to water factories too.

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4. Schools.

SLT students can do their SIWES in school laboratories and research centers, whether primary, secondary, or the university’s research laboratory. If the school is ready to absorb you, you can do your SIWES program there.

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5. Pharmaceutical store.

Some pharmaceutical stores also accept SIWES and IT students. SLT students are allowed to do their SIWES in pharmaceutical stores or pharmaceutical laboratories. They could help in discharging drugs to patients as instructed by their supervisor. 

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6. Chemical Shop.

Apart from research and clinical laboratories, SLT students can do their SIWES and industrial training in chemical shops too. There are top chemical companies in Nigeria that absorb SIWES students from SLT department. Perhaps if you would like to study chemistry and Applied chemistry at HND level, you may consider doing your industrial training in a chemical shop or chemical laboratory.

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7. Oil and Gas Companies.

SLT students can work in oil and gas companies, where they gain experience testing oil and gas samples while ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures.

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8. Agriculture.

SLT students can work in agriculture firms that specialize in animal science and food production. Here, they gain lots of experience in breeding, genetics, disease control, and food preservation.

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9. Food and Beverage Companies.

SLT students can do their SIWES and industrial training as quality control analysts, where products like foods and beverages are made to ensure they meet regulatory standards.

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In summary, places where science laboratory technology (SLT) students can do their SIWES are clinical laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical stores, research centers, water corporations, oil and gas companies, agriculture firms, food and drug agencies and many others. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore different companies that absorb SIWES/IT students and use it to gain more knowledge and experience in your field of study. I hope this article is helpful in finding the right place to do SIWES and industrial training for SLT students.

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