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Signs of Pride and Arrogance, and Where it will Lead You to

Signs of Pride and Arrogance, and Where it will Lead You to

Pride is the state of being proud; an unreasonable overestimation of one’s own superiority in terms of talents, looks, wealth, importance, etc., which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve, and often contempt of others.

There are many reasons why people wear the armor of pride; however, the implications of pride on our lifestyle can’t be overemphasized. Here are some reasons and signs you are prideful and how to control it.

1.  MONEY.

Money has been the cause of some people’s pride. You can’t determine whether a man is full of pride until he has money. They start misbehaving and seeing other people as inferior, forgetting that only God gives wealth. That moment you say, “That guy is not in my class” or “We are not on the same level,” this shows you are full of pride, which will only lead you to destruction. No matter how rich you are, be fair to people. 

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Beauty is another reason some ladies are full of pride. They think they’ve made it in life, seeing different types of men rush them daily, so they react in a rude manner. This was how a woman lost an employment opportunity after submitting her application. The company reached out to her on WhatsApp. Instead of being polite, she reacted in an aggressive manner, which cost her her job. 

If your beauty is the reason, you wear the armor of pride, maybe because of your big Yansh, remember that your grandma was once a beauty queen too, and nothing lasts forever. If you continue to overestimate yourself, that means you are close to your downfall.

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People who are full of pride hardly take corrections because they see themselves as perfect. They love to criticize others but are always aggressive when you correct them. This is because they see other people’s opinions as less important. 

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4. POWER. 

Some people will immediately wear the armor of pride as soon as they get power. They will cut off every means of communication with their people, claiming that the level has changed, forgetting that the same people voted them to power. If your SUG position is the reason you wear the armor of pride, remember someone was there before you, and whatever actions you take today may directly or indirectly affect you in the future, so humble yourself.

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Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but our ability to admit we’re wrong and apologize are things that make us better people. Someone who is proud will never ask for forgiveness, and they will pretend like nothing happened. If you notice this sign in your lifestyle, it’s important to make amends so as not to keep more enemies as friends.

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A proud person doesn’t submit easily; they’re usually submissive only to those who have authority over them. Many housewives have lost their marriages because they are not submissive to their husbands while claiming equal rights. 

While equality may be an important factor in life, if you don’t submit to your parents, your elders, and other people who are superior to you, this is a sign of pride and will lead you nowhere. For instance, as a newbie, you have to be submissive to the pros so they can guide you to success, but if you’re not submissive, forming “ITK,” you might struggle to progress. 

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A proud person always wants everything their way because, to them, their way is the best, and they understand what’s best for everyone. Even if you tell them such a way is wrong, they will still insist it’s best. They can even use their faith to prove that their way is the best. They also like to do everything on their own so they won’t have to rely on anybody’s help. In fact, they hardly pray to God for help because they think they’re self-sufficient enough.

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While it is good to maintain one’s personal space, if you don’t like to sit with ordinary people or unpopular persons, this may be a sign you’re prideful. When you attend events, what kind of people do you usually like to sit with? If you think you deserve to sit with professionals and first-class citizens, then you are clearly proud. To get rid of this attitude, treat people equally and be fair to everyone regardless of their differences.

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Another sign of pride is not listening to someone who is trying to teach you something. Maybe you think you know it all or that the person is inferior to you, but the fact is, nobody is an icon of knowledge. When you make yourself unteachable, you may lose vital knowledge that might be helpful to you. 

For example, instead of walking up to your senior colleagues in school to teach you some difficult areas, you think you already know things or know more than them. Even if you know more than they do, make sure you listen to them and do not try to cut them off.

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If “I don’t tolerate nonsense from people” is your favorite slogan, this shows you are proud. Someone steps on your toes by mistake, and you react aggressively, abusing them. A humble person will always react in a polite manner.

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Someone who always wants others to respect them is proud. They will be like, “Do you know who I am?” and “See the way you are talking to me.” A man who is proud expects others to greet him first. A humble person earns respect; they don’t demand it. 

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People who wear the armor of pride see themselves as classic. S/he says, “We’re not on the same level; I’m not your mate.” What makes you think you are better than anyone else? Is it your popularity? Education or wealth? Get this off your head and start treating everyone right.

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How do you express yourself in the midst of people? Has anyone complained that you brag too much? If yes, this might be a sign of pride, which you should work on. My father owns seven cars in Dubai; I’m the first graduate in my family; I got my PhD before you were born; my mother is the rector; who asks you? You don’t need to always make announcements about yourself; let your achievements speak for you. Drop your pride.


Where pride will lead you to:

If you wear the armor of pride, it will only lead you to destruction, so it’s better you humble yourself and treat everyone equally. People may not help when the need arises based on how you’ve treated them in the past. The truth is, you might think you don’t need their help now, but what about tomorrow? Nobody knows tomorrow now; imagine if the table takes turns.

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How to control pride and arrogance

Try as much as you can to identify the cause of your pride: is it your money, position, power, fame, or beauty? analyze and compare your pride with reality. Seek feedback from people, admit your mistakes, and seek forgiveness. Listen to other people’s opinions, choose humble people as role models, and learn from their lifestyle.

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In summary, life is too short to wear the armor of pride. If you are proud because of your beauty, remember that nothing lasts forever; if you are proud because of a position, remember that your reign will soon be over; and if wealth is the reason you look down on people, think about death. It’s never too late to make adjustments. I pray God helps you and me. Amen.

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