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Lists of The Courses Offered in Zamfara State College of Education, Maru and Their School Fees

Lists of The Courses Offered in Zamfara State College of Education, Maru and Their School Fees

The Zamfara State College of Education is a state government higher education institution located in Maru, Zamfara State, Nigeria. 

Below are the lists of the courses offered in the college and their school fees.

  1. Adult and Non-Formal Education
  2. time NCE Integrated Science/Geography
  3. NCE Islamic Studies/Hausa
  4. NCE Islamic Studies/Social Studies
  5. NCE in Adult and Non-Formal Education
  6. NCE in Arabic Medium
  7. NCE in Arabic/English
  8. NCE in Arabic/Hausa
  9. NCE in Arabic/Islamic Studies
  10. NCE in Biology/Integrated Science
  11. NCE in Chemistry/Integrated Science
  12. NCE in Chemistry/Mathematics
  13. NCE in Computer Science/Economics
  14. NCE in Computer Science/Geography
  15. NCE in Early Childhood Care Education
  16. NCE in Economics/Islamic Studies
  17. NCE in Economics/Social Studies
  18. NCE in English/Economic
  19. NCE in English/Geography
  20. NCE in English/Hausa
  21. NCE in English/History
  22. NCE in English/Islamic Studies
  23. NCE in English/Social Studies
  24. NCE in Geography/Social Studies
  25. NCE in History/Hausa
  26. NCE in History/Islamic Studies
  27. NCE in History/Social Studies
  28. NCE in Mathematics/Computer Science
  29. NCE in Mathematics/Economics
  30. NCE in Mathematics/Geography
  31. NCE in Physics/Computer
  32. NCE in Physics/Integrated Science
  33. NCE in Primary Education Studies
  34. NCE in Social Studies/Hausa
  35. NCE in mathematics/Physics
  36. Professional Diploma in Education
  37. Early Childhood Care and Primary Education
  38. NCE in Arabic Medium
  39. NCE in Economics/Islamic Studies
  40. NCE in Economics/Social Studies
  41. NCE Economics/Islamic Studies
  42. Geography/Social Studies
  43. NCE in History/Hausa
  44. NCE in History/Islamic Studies
  45. NCE in History/Social Studies
  46. Pre-NCE History/Hausa
  47.  History/Islamic Studies
  48. Islamic Studies/Hausa
  49. Islamic Studies/Social Studies
  50. Islamic Studies/Hausa
  51. Social Studies/Hausa
  52. NCE in English/Economics
  53. NCE in English/Geography
  54. NCE in English/History
  55. NCE in English/Islamic Studies
  56. NCE in English/Social Studies
  57. NCE in English/Hausa
  58. NCE in Biology/Integrated Science
  59. NCE in Chemistry/Integrated Science
  60. NCE in Chemistry/Mathematics
  61. NCE in Computer Science/Economics
  62. NCE in Computer Science/Geography
  63. NCE Integrated Science/Geography
  64. NCE in Mathematics/Computer Science
  65. NCE in Mathematics/Economics
  66. NCE in Mathematics/Geography
  67. NCE in mathematics/Physics
  68. NCE in Physics/Computer
  69. NCE in Physics/Integrated Science
  70. NCE in Agric Education (Double Major)


  • NCE I – #57,500
  • NCE II – #50,000
  • NCE III – #50,000

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