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Poly or Uni: Which one is Better? Advantages of Choosing a Polytechnic Over a University

Poly or Uni: Which one is Better? Advantages of Choosing a Polytechnic Over a University

Polytechnic is an institution offering technical education programs. Graduates of polytechnics are awarded National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates. Polytechnic education is still one of the best in Nigeria, and choosing it is never a mistake.  

Many students love the debate comparing universities and polytechnics and weighing which one is better among these two institutions. In this article, we will explore the advantages and benefits of choosing a polytechnic over a university:

Here are some valid reasons why polytechnics are better than universities:


Polytechnics have the fastest calendar compared to their university counterparts. In fact, there are some polytechnics that produce two sets of graduates each year. But in university, a 4-year course could sometimes take up to 6 years.

Also, polytechnic ND and HND programs may not take up to 2 years before they graduate, but in university, it’s a minimum of 4 years and even more. So if you want to graduate on time without spending thousands of years on campus, then you should choose a polytechnic over a university.

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Polytechnic has made all admission problems easier. There are some students who chase university admission for close to 3–4 years without making it, but through polytechnic, you will conquer the problem of admission with one or two trials. Imagine wasting three years at home writing JAMB to study mass communication. If it were a polytechnic, you could have graduated by now. This is another reason why polytechnics are better than universities.

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Polytechnic school fees are cheaper and more affordable than those of the university. The average school fee being charged by most polytechnics in Nigeria is 50k, unlike varsity, where some charge 90k and above per session.

Everything about polytechnics is cheap, ranging from acceptance fees to school fees and handouts. Also, if you are not financially stable, you can do your ND and further your HND when you have the capacity, but at the university, that’s not possible; otherwise, you are already a dropout.

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The change of environment is another benefit that Polytechnic students enjoy during their course of study on campus, as it enhances their level of exposure. You can decide to do your National Diploma (ND) in Abia State and go for your HND in Kaduna State. That’s not all; you could choose to continue with your studies at the university as well. This is another advantage of choosing a polytechnic over a university.

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As far as Nigerian education is concerned, a 4-year course in university is equivalent to 6 years, if not more, due to the ASUU strike. Although the polytechnic lecturers (ASUP) do go on strike too, that isn’t as common as the university counterpart. So by the time you are already done with your HND, your friend at the university could still be in his second year due to internal and external strikes by ASUU. 

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In some industries, there will be specifications stating that only ND is allowed for a particular position. You should also note that before you get your HND certificate, you must have an ND, so polytechnic products have job opportunities to absorb them. 

Some might be retained as permanent staff where they’re posted for industrial training, and this opportunity isn’t common for university products. This is another benefit and advantage of choosing polytechnic over university. Polytechnic certificates are quick, and this may be the reason why their graduates get jobs quickly.

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Polytechnic is the fastest ladder to success, and only people in the system can relate to this. Most of the university and polytechnic lecturers started with ND, meaning they were once polytechnic students before they got their PhD degree. 

By the way, university admission is based on merit, connection, money, and other factors, and all these factors put together can slow you down on your career path, but with polytechnic, you are good to go, and in the next few years you would have graduated.

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Polytechnic products are more practical-oriented than those at the university. If you check most of the polytechnic curriculum, you will see that it is more practical than theoretical. Polytechnic graduates have more practical skills, and they’re trained to be technicians, technologists, or professionals, depending on the level of training.

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Can I switch from polytechnic to university?

Yes, of course, you can switch from polytechnic to university after your ND or HND programs through direct entry, and this is another benefit of choosing polytechnic over university. I have already make a comprehensive post on how to switch to university with your ND or HND result.

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How’s polytechnic better than university?

As stated earlier in this article, polytechnics are better than universities because their admission is easy, their programs are fast, and they offer different academic programs. Students can choose to study full-time, part-time, or on weekends at their own convenience, and they can also further their education at the university if they wish. These are the benefits of choosing polytechnic and why polytechnic is far better than university.

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In conclusion, polytechnic education, without doubt, remains the best and fastest ladder to success. Perhaps if you want to graduate on time, need a quick certificate, and want an affordable school fee institution, you should choose a polytechnic over a university. Best of luck.

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