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5 Stages of Love in a Relationship: Most Relationships End at Stage 2

5 Stages of Love in a Relationship: Most Relationships End at Stage 2

There are 5 stages of love in a relationship; unfortunately, most relationships end at stage 2, while some end at stage 3. Building a healthy relationship is not an easy task. It requires another level of understanding, trust, mutual respect, care, and spending quality time together.

Even with all these qualities listed above, some relationships still die at stages 2–3. What are the 5 stages of love, and which stage is the toughest? Continue reading.

5 Stages of Love in a Relationship: 

Stage 1: Falling in love

In the beginning, your hormones take charge. You flirt, you get butterflies in your stomach and heart, and you laugh a lot more often. This phase, often called the honeymoon stage, tends to be everyone’s favorite because it’s fun and, most of the time, it’s your first time experiencing love.

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Stage 2: Getting Serious

Even though you two still make a great couple, there’s a subtle shift in the air. You still hold hands in the park and cuddle up together. Perhaps you’re seeing each other every day, or maybe you’ve even decided to move in together. The fun of stage 1 seems to have faded away, and you’re stepping into a more serious phase of your relationship.

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Stage 3: What Happened?

At this stage, all the illusions have vanished. Arguments become more frequent, and keeping the romance alive feels like a chore.

Making time for your partner becomes a struggle, and you find yourself simply waiting for it all to be over. For many, this is where relationships come to an end. Yes, this is where most people reconsider whether this relationship is best for them or not. 


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Stage 4: Climbing Down From the Pedestal

You and your partner have reached a deeper level of understanding and communication. Now, you’re able to confront life’s challenges as a team. Your love has matured and become a sturdy bond founded on trust and mutual respect. You understand and accept each other. 

At this stage, you have known almost everything about your partner, invested in each other, and decided to spend the rest of your life with them. 

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Stage 5: Working Together as a Team

Now that you’ve both embraced each other’s flaws and weaknesses, along with each other’s strengths and desires, you can combine forces to make the world a better place or even start a loving family.

At this stage, you know your partner; you have faced spiritual, physical, mental, medical, and life challenges together, yet you are able to come out together stronger as a team and thrive. 

You’ve probably met with each other’s parents, fixed a date for an introduction and wedding, and are hoping to start a family together. This is the final stage of a relationship, where you are both ready to work as a team and take it to the next level, which is marriage (husband and wife). 

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In conclusion: The most difficult stage of love is stage 3. That is where most relationships end, because that stage is when your eyes will open to see reality. You would have faced a lot of challenges that ought to tear you and significant others apart; you would have seen their green and red flags. Love will no longer blind your eyes at that stage. If you are able to climb up to stages 4 and 5, congratulations to you, because it is not easy to build love to stages 4 and 5 in a relationship, as most people give up at stage 2.
So, my dear reader, let me ask you: at what stage do you think your relationship is presently? Leave your comment in the comment box below, as I would love to know, please. Thank you.

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