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5 Advantages of Dating Multiple Girls at Once 

5 Advantages of Dating Multiple Girls at Once 

Dating multiple girls at once can be helpful in moving on so fast after a breakup. If your main girlfriend is making you feel unwanted, you can just move on to those side chicks; perhaps doing this can make your main chick jealous and consider staying. 

5 Advantages of Dating Multiple Girls at Once 

A lot of people frown at it when men date multiple women at once, as such behavior is described as “womanizing” or cheating, which isn’t healthy for relationships. But the truth is, despite the fact that this behavior isn’t advisable, it has some advantages. In this post, we shall discuss the advantages of dating many girls at once.

Why is it Good to Date Multiple Girls at Once? 

1. Having One Girlfriend is the Same as Having None.

Sometimes having just one girlfriend is not different from having none. Relationships are 50/50; life can happen to us at any time, making us change our mind. For example, changing the environment and long distance relationships. What happens if the relationship doesn’t work and she breaks up with you? You would have to start life from scratch again. This is where the advantages of dating multiple girls come in; if one chooses to leave, you will focus on the others. 

2. It Stops Misbehavior.

When you make a woman feel too comfortable, she might start behaving strangely, but the moment she realizes that there is someone else apart from her, competition begins. 

She will try as much as possible to please you and make you happy because she wants you to choose her over the other girls you are dating. She wouldn’t want to lose you to other girls if she knows your worth. This will compel her to behave responsibly and perform her responsibilities without being told.

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3. No More Heartbreak.

Dating multiple girls at once can be helpful in moving on so fast after a breakup. If your main girlfriend is making you feel unwanted, you can just move on to those side chicks; perhaps doing this can make your main chick jealous and consider staying. 

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The advantage of dating too many girls at once is that you won’t even feel it if any girl decides to leave you. However, the opposite is the case for men in monogamy. After a breakup, they cry and grieve, and it may take time for them to recover, but for men who have a lot of chicks in their possession, they just move on to the next available girl. Dating many girls at once can save you from heartbreak trauma. 


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4.  Pleasure.

Men love sex more than they love women. Perhaps if you are one of those men who loves sex more than you love a woman, dating multiple girls at once will be an added advantage. For instance, if Deborah denies you sex today, you won’t get angry; instead, you will just call on Aishat to come and spend some time with you. Dating multiple girls is fun and pleasurable if you love sex. 

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5. Opportunity to Choose a Wife Material.

Dating multiple girls at once is an opportunity to select a wife material, as you have a lot of options before you. Although at times you might be confused about whom to choose among them, you will definitely know which one is best for you. 

By the way, those girls too will be trying their best to win you over to their side. So it’s like a competition whereby the most competent will be chosen. 

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If you are going to date multiple girls at once, there are some things to take note of which are:

1.  Money. 

Women love money, so dating many of them equals losing more money. If you know what you are doing, it’s best you don’t try it because your life might not progress as you will get billed constantly by your girlfriends. 

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2. Never Engage in Unprotected Sex.

Sometimes, you might be dating those girls for fun, so if you know it’s nothing more than pipe and swipe, you should always wear protection so you won’t end up marrying a woman who is against your choice. Some girls who are desperate for marriage can pin their pregnancy on you, and you may have no other option than to marry them. You can’t afford to make this kind of mistake. 

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3. Never Promise them Marriage.

If you are not going to marry them, please let them know their fate. Do not promise them marriage to avoid any form of blackmail from your side chicks in the future. 

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Is it Okay to Date Multiple Girls at the Same Time? 

No! It’s not because it drains you emotionally, financially, physically, or spiritually. Dating multiple girls at once will make you lose more money, and you may likely engage in more sex. This alone can affect you physically (treating infections) and spiritually. You will lose focus on your ambitions and goals, which may slow you down in achieving your life goals. 


How Many Girls Should I Date at a Time? 

It is best if you date one girl at a time for peace of mind. Besides, dating one girl helps us stay focused on other important things in our lives. Yes, dating multiple girls has advantages, as discussed earlier, but the consequences outweighed the benefits. Men who date one lady at a time are happier than those who date multiple girls. 

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What should I expect if I choose to date multiple girls? 

EXPECT DISLOYALTY: Since you are not loyal to them. Your girlfriends too might eventually cheat on you or dump you because you are not serious with them. It will be more of a hookup than a relationship.

CONFUSION: When it’s time for you to settle down, you will be confused about which of your girlfriends to settle down with due to the variety of options.

NO PEACE OF MIND: If you are going to date multiple girls at once, expect more problems too. Giving those girls attention, communication, and building a relationship with them all can drain your energy. You may have to deal with separating fights among your girlfriends. 

INFECTION: Dating multiple girls exposes you to the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

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IN CONCLUSION: The advantages of dating multiple girls include pleasure, reducing heartbreak trauma, choosing wife materials, and stopping a girlfriend’s misbehavior, as explained above. 
Nevertheless, dating multiple girls at once is not a healthy way to live as a man. You lose more money, time, and energy that you could have used on other things that will add positive value to your life. If you have been thinking about dating multiple girls at once, it’s advisable that you don’t try it because you might regret doing so in the future. However, the choice is yours.

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