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Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?



Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?

Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?

There has always been an argument that age matters when choosing a life partner. Some argue that it is important for men to marry someone below their age and advise women to marry a partner that is older than they are, but does age really matter? This question sometimes causes confusion in relationships, as some do not know whether or not to continue with the relationship based on the age gap.


Why do people consider age in a relationship?

The major reasons why people consider age in a relationship are based on stature, appearance, and age. It is believed that marrying a woman who is younger will prevent the man from cheating in the future, especially when old age is approaching or when the woman enters menopause, so the man won’t look elsewhere Provide he sees her wife as young. There is also a folktale that says dating someone with an age gap will prevent “together forever.” That is, the man or woman who is older will die first. But are all these assumptions true? No, they are not. I have seen a couple with the same age cap that died early, and I have seen a couple with a huge age gap that lived longer.


Your appearance is defined by what you eat and how you take care of yourself. Poverty can make you look 20 years older than your age. I have seen people who look older than their age and people who look younger than their age. So age sometimes doesn’t matter in a relationship as long as you want to be happy in your relationship and hopeful of marriage.

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Does age matter in a relationship?

Honestly speaking, age doesn’t matter at all. In fact, the fact that someone is older than you doesn’t mean that the person is intelligent, mature, and mentally stable. What matters in a relationship is love, maturity, intelligence, and understanding.


A healthy relationship is not built with age as a factor, although the society we live in today will abuse you and mock you when you date someone who is older than you. But who cares about what others are saying? As long as I’m happy in the relationship and my partner gives me peace, what else? Nothing but praying to God for a long life because only he can give and take.



When my elder brother introduced his girlfriend to us before he married her, my mom and grandma were shocked and reluctant at first because the woman has a big stature and is older than my brother. This year will make it 12 years that they have been happily married. I don’t know whether there are issues in their marriage, but I have never once heard my brother complain about the wife. Also, the wife has never once reported my brother to the family, and this has convinced me that truly age does not matter in healthy relationships. I also have a relative that married a man who is ten years older than her. When I asked her why? She said the man brought  peace to her life.



Should I date someone older than me?

Dating someone who is older than you is a choice, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I always encourage my followers to know their partner’s age before accepting a relationship proposal, as this will make you decide whether or not you are comfortable with the age gap.


Age should not stop you from giving love and loving someone. Perhaps people who understand what it means to love and be loved will not break up with their partner because of the age gap. In fact, dating someone who is older is good because there is a possibility that s/he is mature physically and mentally stable.

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My girlfriend is older than me. Should I be worried ?

No, you should not be concerned about her age. Instead, concentrate on loving and being productive in your relationship. Does your girlfriend bring joy to your life? Are you always happy being around her? Do you love and cherish her? Are you proud of her? Is there peace in the relationship? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you don’t need to be worried as you are lucky to have a woman who loves you for whom you are.


People will criticize you for your choice, but you have to understand that your happiness doesn’t lie with anyone but yourself. It is your life and not theirs, so whom you choose as your second half is not anyone’s business.


They will be like “your woman will look older than you”, but the truth is, age doesn’t justify appearance. I have seen a 30 year old woman who looks like a 60 year old. Poverty and suffering can make you look twice your age, even when you are still young. So age doesn’t matter in a relationship at all, provided you are happy with having her as your woman.

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Can I date a man who is twice my age?

Like I discussed earlier, choosing a life partner is beyond the age factor. I believe that someone who is twice your age will be mentally and physically stable. If you see him as a man whom you can spend the rest of your life with, then go for it. I won’t be surprised. If people criticize you for your choice, that is a normal thing in Africa as people see dating someone who is older as wrong. They may even go the extra mile and tag you as a gold-digger, saying you fell in love with his money, but you know deep down that the love you have for your man is more than what money can buy, so forget about what people say and focus on the relationship and love.


Do you even know what love means? Love is beautiful and love is wonderful. Love is not pride, but rather love cares for everything regardless of age. Dating a man who is older than you is your choice and doesn’t stop you from treating him with the respect he deserves.



If you have found love and he/she is older than you, that should not stop you from making the relationship work out because age doesn’t matter in a relationship. The most important thing is happiness, which is why you have to be honest with him/her. Don’t deny your age or lie that you are younger or older just because you don’t want to lose him/her. You might later lose the relationship because of the lies, so you have to be sincere. You should never lie about your age to keep a relationship because one day, the truth will prevail and the relationship may not be the same. So, if you are 20+, let your partner know you are 20+. If he truly loves you, he will stay and stick by you no matter what people say.


How much of an age gap is okay in a relationship?

Age gaps of at least 1 to 10 are considered okay for relationships. That is, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is 10 years older than you, it is okay and healthy, but that still depends on your choice anyway.


In conclusion, age does not matter in a relationship. However, it depends on your choice. If you can’t date a man or woman with an age gap, then it becomes necessary for you to ask about his or her age before going into the relationship, as this will prevent stories that touch you in the future. Also, if you already have a partner who is older than you and you know you can’t marry him/her due to the “age factor,” it’s best to let him/her know so he/she will not  waste time building an uncertain future with you. Have it on your mind that love isn’t measured with age.  Drop your comments in the box below, lets hear your own opinion. Thanks


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  1. Ogolo Onyinyechi janet

    August 20, 2022 at 8:23 pm

    A friend of mine is dating a man of 46yrs and she is 23, they both love each other please is it advisable, just asking fora friend


      August 20, 2022 at 9:15 pm

      Yes it is as long as they are both happy in the relationship.

      But if the said man is a married Man, such relationship should be forbidden.

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