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Prophet Michael Oba Oro Releases 2024 Prophecies

Prophet Michael Oba Oro Releases 2024 Prophecies

Prophet Michael Oba Oro

The general overseer of the Good Rock of Salvation Spiritual Church of Aladura, Bishop Dr. Michael Oba Oro, has released his prophecies for the year 2024.

Prophet Michael Oba Oro released the prophecies during the church’s crossover service, which took place in the cross over night at the GRSCC headquarters on Sunday.

According to the prophet, 2024 is a year of perfection in which widows and single mothers will be remembered.

The man of God urged Christian faithfuls to pray against sickness, fire outbreaks, and rainstorms in the year 2024.

“I see bad winds blowing to destroy properties this year, 2024. Pray against it. In the year 2024, pray against fire, sickness and wind. Fire is the majority weapon that the evil want to use; this fire doesn’t know markets, banks, or plane crashes.”

“Naira will appreciate against the dollar, thereby reducing inflation in the country (goods will be reduced and later rise again).” 

“Blessings will be surplus and countless in 2024, as money will circulate freely among the citizens. As such, children of God will walk like kings.” 


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“Top political office holders aiding and abetting setbacks for the nation will die if not brought down in 2024.”

“There is no form of struggle from the year 2024 to the year 2025. However, one needs to be cautious of the struggles not experienced for the two years that are erupting in 2026.”

“Year 2024 is not only the year for the rich but also for the poor and the needy. Thus, everyone will benefit from the blessings attached to the year.”

“It is a year of perfection. Thus, it is a year assigned by God to answer the wishes and demands of His people.”

“A budget will be put in place to cater for widows as well as women struggling for survival alone.”

“We await a deflation of prices in 2024. Prices of goods and commodities will be brought down.”

“It is a year of simplicity. It is also a funny year.”

“It is a year that holds a master key for only those who know its usage.”

“There is hardship in the year 2024. However, it will be an easy one instead for those in possession of the master key.”

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“The blessings of 2024 are for everyone, irregardless of whether they are government workers,  business personnel, or self-employed.”

Prophet Michael Oba Oro added, “Nigerians should pray against several recurrences of inflation and deflation. The prices of goods will reduce and then rise again.”

“I am seeing a new law against Nigerian Christians. Hence, I will admonish Christians to come in one voice to pray.”

“Some churches will be locked down in 2024. Hence, churches should be careful.”

“There is a satanic plan in collaboration with technological innovations to discourage believers from believing in ministers of God.”

Prophet Michael Oba Oro, who has in the previous years been churning out accurate prophecies, revealed on January 1, 2024, that everything will go well in Ekiti State.

“Everything will go perfectly well in Ekiti State.

“Pray against a fire outbreak at a popular market in Ekiti State.”

“Pray for Ikere-Ekiti and the kings. Prayer should be directed towards an eruption of fighting between the two kings. Relatedly, pray for the students of Ikere. Prayer should be directed to rebuke death among the students.”


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