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Courses Offered in The College of Education, Nsukkaand Their School Fees

Courses Offered in The College of Education, Nsukkaand Their School Fees

POLYTV have gathered all the lists of the courses offered in The College of Education, Nsukkaand their school fees. To get it correctly, below are the full lists of the courses and programs offered know the college.

Below are the lists of the courses offered in the college.

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Christian Religious Studies / Computer Education
  3. Christian Religious Studies / Economics
  4. Christian Religious Studies / English
  5. Christian Religious Studies / Maths
  6. Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science
  7. Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
  8. Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
  9. Computer Education / English
  10. Computer Education / Economics
  11. Computer Science / Political Science
  12. Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
  13. Computer Science Education / Mathematics
  14. Economics / English
  15. Economics / Igbo
  16. Economics / Mathematics
  17. Economics / Political Science
  18. Economics / Social Studies
  19. English / Igbo
  20. English / Political Science
  21. English / Social Studies
  22. Igbo / Computer Science
  23. Igbo / Political Science
  24. Igbo / Social Studies
  25. Integrated Science / Economics
  26. Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  27. Integrated Science / Social Studies
  28. Mathematics / Social Studies
  29. Political Science / Mathematics
  30. Political Science / Social Studies
  31. Primary Education Studies
  32. Physical And Health Education (Double Major)
  33. Computer Education / Integrated Science
  34. Computer Science / Economics
  35. English (Double Major)


  • NCE I – #69,500
  • NCE II – #65,500
  • NCE III – #55,500

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