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17 Signs of a Selfish Boyfriend and How to Deal with Them

17 Signs of a Selfish Boyfriend and How to Deal with Them

A selfish boyfriend can be a nightmare for anyone in a relationship. Selfishness can manifest itself in different ways, and it’s important to be able to recognize these signs. Here are 17 signs that your boyfriend may be selfish and how to know if you’re a selfish boyfriend:

1. He only talks about himself.

If your boyfriend only talks about himself and doesn’t show any interest in your life, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. A healthy relationship involves both partners sharing and showing interest in each other’s lives.

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2. He doesn’t compromise.

Relationships are about compromise, but if your boyfriend is unwilling to compromise or always wants things his way, it’s a sign that he may be selfish.

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3. He only does things that benefit him.

A selfish boyfriend will only do things that benefit him without considering how they may impact you or the relationship. For example, he may ask you to come cook for him even when you tell him that you’re busy; he won’t listen to your excuses. 


4. He doesn’t show empathy.

Empathy is vital in a relationship. If your boyfriend doesn’t show empathy or doesn’t care about your feelings, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. A good boyfriend will show empathy for your well-being.


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5. He doesn’t respect your boundaries.

Everyone has boundaries, and a good partner should respect them. If your boyfriend doesn’t respect your boundaries, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. Perhaps if he always intrudes on your privacy and visits unannounced.

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6. He plays the victim.

A selfish boyfriend will always play the victim and refuse to take responsibility for his actions. He’ll blame others for his mistakes and never admit when he’s wrong. Despite his faults, he will never apologize.

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7. He doesn’t support your goals.

Partners in a relationship should be able to support each other in every aspect of life, as that is what embeds a healthy relationship. If your boyfriend doesn’t support your goals or shows no interest in them, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. You told him you wanted to start a degree, but he showed no interest, and when you informed him of your plans for the future, he acted uninterested.

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8. He loves controlling you.

A selfish boyfriend will try to control every aspect of your life, from who you spend time with to what you wear. He will set up rules for you only. For instance, when you tell him you have a party to attend, he will order you not to go and may even threaten you with breakup if you dare disobey. This behavior is a sign of insecurity and selfishness.

9. He only wants to spend time with you when it’s convenient for him.

If your boyfriend only wants to spend time with you when it’s convenient for him or when he’s bored, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. 

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10. He doesn’t prioritize your needs.

A good partner should prioritize their partner’s needs. If your boyfriend doesn’t prioritize your needs or doesn’t care about your well-being, it’s a sign that he may be selfish. It doesn’t matter to him if you are okay or not. He might not worry about your health, and even if you inform him, he wouldn’t bother to check up on you. 

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11. He expects you to change.

Another sign of a selfish boyfriend is when he expects you to change for him. By the way, a relationship requires adjustments from both sides to work. So he may criticize you and expect you to change. He isn’t satisfied with what you do.

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12. He does nothing for you.

If your boyfriend doesn’t make you feel special or important in his life, this may be a sign that he’s selfish. You may not be expecting the most expensive gifts on your special occasions, but the little ones will go a long way. If he doesn’t care about doing anything special for you but always accepts your gifts and surprises, this is a sign of selfishness.

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13. He ignores your feelings.

A selfish boyfriend will try every means to ignore your feelings and avoid confrontation. He will cheat on you repeatedly and brag about it to your face. He doesn’t care how hurtful this is to you, as long as he gets satisfaction from his lustful desire.

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14.He shows up only when he needs help.

If your boyfriend only gives you his attention when he needs something from you, this may be a sign that he’s selfish. Whenever he’s in trouble, you always help him out, but when it’s your turn, he overlooks it. This is a sign of selfishness, which proves your boyfriend only cares about himself.

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15. You ignore your partner’s opinion.

Couples often request each other’s opinions before making a critical decision, but if you don’t respect your partner’s opinion or think you’re the most important person in the relationship, this could be a sign that you are a selfish boyfriend. Even if you are older than your girlfriend, some of her little opinions and advice will go a long way. Sometimes her opinion can be better than yours.

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16. He’s not happy with your progress.

Being competitive is good because it can help you focus more on your life, but if your boyfriend isn’t happy with your progress, this is a sign of selfishness. For instance, your girlfriend gets promoted at work and you feel unhappy about it to the extent that you want her downfall,

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17. He Makes Irrelevant Excuses

A selfish boyfriend never runs out of excuses for their actions. If you ask them why they never congratulate you on your promotion or wish you a “happy birthday,” they will come up with irrelevant excuses like “he doesn’t have airtime or data” or “he got his phone discharged.”

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How to Deal with a Selfish Boyfriend

Try to understand your boyfriend and find out the reasons for his selfish behavior or what made him behave that way. Talk to him about it and give him the opportunity to change. 

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In conclusion, a selfish boyfriend can be toxic to any relationship. It’s important to recognize the signs of selfish behavior and address them as soon as possible. Communication is key, and it’s essential to have an open and honest conversation about your concerns. If your boyfriend is unwilling to change his behavior or take responsibility for his actions, it may be time to exit the relationship. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who values and respects you.

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